How SEO Works

Summary: In this guide we show you how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you build a strong personal brand.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making webpages more visible in search engines. You can use it to ensure that people find positive, relevant information when they Google your name. Below are the three things you need to understand about SEO.

For example, when someone googles "Sarah Smith", search engines use complex algorithms to process millions of results from across the web and make sure they find and rank the most accurate, relevant results the highest.

Search engines actually encourage you to understand these factors. That way search engines can rely on you to make sure that links aren't mis-ranked or overlooked, and that they rank as high as possible for the right terms. This process is known as "White Hat SEO".

BrandYourself's software and services provide you with the resources and man-power to not only build a strong personal brand online, but to make sure that people see it. The SEO process is baked right into our software. BrandYourself's DIY software makes SEO simple by showing you how to improve sites and profiles that you own step-by-step.

Software That Matters

Follow the steps in the Reputation Builder to connect or build properties that can rank well for your name using SEO strategy. optimized properties

Reputation Builder: Properties

Go to the Reputation Builder, select the Properties page, and follow the prompts to connect or build these high-quality sites and profiles.


Once you've completed all steps, make sure that you submit all of your links.

submit links

Regularly check back and complete the suggested steps in your Reputation Action Plan.

your action plan

Remember, SEO is an ongoing-process, and regular algorithm changes and updates to search engines mean that you must keep up with the recommended steps in our software.

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