Awards and Recognition

  • the white house washington

    Top Young Startups in the U.S.

    Honored at the White House (2012)
  • inc

    Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35

    Inc. Magazine (2014)
  • Entrepreneur

    Top 5 Collegiate Startup

    Entrepreneur (2012)
  • the agency 100

    Fastest Growing Reputation Management Company

    the agency post (2014)
  • pc world

    Top 5 Hottest Web Apps at SXSW

    pc world (2013)
  • SXSW accelerator (2013)

    Best Bootstrapped Startup at SXSW

    SXSW accelerator (2013)

What the Press is Saying

  • fox news channel
    Everybody should check out BrandYourself. It helps makes sure the first thing that someone sees when they Google you is a good thing.
  • cnbc
    Wonder who might be Googling you? BrandYourself can help you find out where, when and how others are searching for you.
  • cbs news
    BrandYourself is sophisticated, elegant and user-friendly. I've tried it out, and found it to be fast, easy and even engaging.
  • npr
    BrandYourself is the digital version of combing your hair before an interview.
  • wsj
    Few people realize they should spend just as much time highlighting the good news about themselves on the web [as removing bad stuff].
  • huff post
    After I used BrandYourself, two Huffington Post articles that I'm particularly proud of writing are now my No. 2 and No. 3 results.
  • pc world
    BrandYourself examines your profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook and so forth), then

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