Our mission is to help people take back their online reputation and privacy.

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The information people can find about you online directly impacts your life:

  • Your Reputation: We believe you should be able to control what people find when they research you online, because it impacts your life and career.
  • Your Privacy: We believe you should control who can see your personal data and who can’t, because exposed sensitive info leads to hacks, spam, identity theft, and more.
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Your personal data is tracked and sold every day, putting your privacy at risk.

Dozens of sites expose your private info without your consent, even if you aren’t active online. This puts you at risk of identity theft, hacks and spam.

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You’ll now be searched online at every stage of your life.

  • 75% of hiring managers screen job applicants online.
  • 65% of people look up freelancers before hiring them.
  • 85% of businesspeople look up the CEO before engaging a company.
  • Over half of admissions screen college applicants online.
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Unflattering items can appear any time and hurt your career. If you’re not monitoring your presence, you’re at risk.

  • Half of employers have turned down a hire because of something negative they found online.
  • Half of consumers have not done business with a company or freelancer because of something negative they found.
  • Many people don't even realize they have unflattering content, or that something they posted will be taken out of context.
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People who look their best online win more opportunities. But most people don’t know how to do it right.

  • 56% of employers are less likely to interview you if don’t have a strong online presence.
  • Over half of consumers have chosen to do business with a freelancer or company because of a strong online presence.
  • The average person switches jobs every 2-3 years, so having a strong personal brand is more important than ever before.

How do we help? Our software and services help you clean up, protect and improve your online reputation.

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Our online software helps you diagnose and improve your online reputation.

Your Reputation Score compares your online presence with a known database of red flags and positive factors that employers use to screen you, then walks you through improving your score.

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Our award-winning managed services help individuals improve their online reputation.

Learn about our individual services:

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Our world-class team and technology provide innovative solutions for businesses.

Learn about our business services:

We’ve led the industry for nearly a decade, pioneering the world’s first Reputation Report and setting the bar for managed services.

  • powerful technology

    Our proprietary ReputationEngine technology makes our Managed Services far more effective than competitors.

  • world-class team

    We’ve brought together the best SEO, content marketing, branding and online reputation professionals in the industry.

  • #1 RANKING

    Our awards include “Best Individual Online Reputation Management company by Business News Daily.

BrandYourself in 90 Seconds By CEO Patrick Ambron

We started BrandYourself out of personal necessity. When employers Googled our co-founder Pete, they found...

  • instead of the Real Pete Kistler not a criminal

We realized there was no reliable solution to help people with their online reputation. And the rest is history.

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So what’s your score?

Discover the risk factors that could be hurting your earning potential, and the positive factors that are helping.