Our SEO Philosophy

The only way to improve your search results is to proactively create content about yourself that's relevant to people and search engines. Anything that attempts to automate or shortcut this process can get you banned from results and hurt your online reputation.

BrandYourself Helps You Improve Your Results the Right Way:

What we do:

Help you create relevant content search engines actually value ("White Hat" SEO).

  • Help you publish a hub. We provide you with an optimized profile you can populate with relevant content about yourself (bio, work experience, education - anything important to your web reputation).
  • Help you create new relevant results. We show you credible places you can create content across the web, and help you make sure they're as relevant as possible so they rank high for your name.
  • Help you optimize existing results. We help you make sure all of your content is not only as relevant as possible, but crawlable, accessible and easy for search engines to find and rank. This can be as simple as instructing you to use your actual name instead of a nickname nobody would ever search for, or as complicated as showing you how to change the structure of a URL so its easier for search engines to understand.
  • Help you put your best foot forward. You've worked hard building your reputation offline. While other reputation services concentrate on manipulating results in the short-term, our service helps you make sure your online reputation is actually reflected in the long-term.

What we don't do:

Promote "Black Hat" tactics that try to trick search engines into giving better rankings.

  • Auto-create any content or profiles on behalf of our users in an attempt to get them more results. This is web spam and doesn't help the user or search engines. This is poor online reputation management.
  • Auto-generate links across the web in an attempt to build false credibility for our users. While other reputation services spend resources building "spammy" links, search engines eventually catch on. If you're building highly relevant information, you'll build natural links and won't have to fake it.
  • Use any other "Black Hat" techniques including keyword stuffing, cloaking, link farming, etc. These types of tactics attempt to get better rankings without actually improving the relevancy of a site. Not only are these tactics unethical, they get you banned from search results and actually end up hurting your online reputation.
  • Guarantee results. We can't guarantee your links will rank higher - no one can, that's not how search engines work. We can guarantee that if you follow all our steps, your results will be as search engine friendly for your name as possible, which gives it the best possible chance of ranking higher and reinforcing your online reputation.

"Focus on creating high quality sites that create a good user experience, and employ White Hat SEO methods instead of Black Hat tactics."

-Matt Cutts, Head of Google Webspam Team