Why Your Google Results Matter: Bad Results Hurt and Good Results Help

Google is now the first place people look to form an opinion about you:

... are Googled every single day. That’s more than the entire population of the U.S. and Europe combined.

... are required to Google job applicants. If you're hoping to get hired, you better look good in Google.

But it's not just about avoiding negative results – positive results give your career a huge edge.

Hiring Manager

Imagine you're a hiring manager.

You have three similar resumes in front of you,
but you can only interview one of them.

You Google each applicant...

Googling You

If you chose to interview all-star Anna, you’re not alone.

85% of hiring managers solidify their decision to hire someone based on positive Google results – and 70% solidify their decision not to hire based on negative ones.

And this doesn’t just apply to job applicants.
These judgments happen every day in business.

Our tools and services make sure you stand out from the competition when you’re Googled.

Impress people when they Google you

You’re being looked up when you talk to a potential customer, apply to a job or even go on a date. BrandYourself helps you ensure people like what they find.

Promote yourself

BrandYourself helps you push your most recent accomplishments to the top of Google.

Fix negative results

One bad result can severely damage your career. We help you suppress negative results by replacing them with positive, accurate ones.

Protect against future negative results

Even if you have a great online reputation, it only takes a minute for someone to ruin it. We help protect you creating a defensive barrier of positive, relevant content.