How We're Different

When we found out reputation services were charging people thousands of dollars, we knew things needed to change so we created a solution unlike anything out there.

1. Just For People (Not Businesses)

The problem with reputation services is that they use the same model on people as they do for businesses, which have much more complicated (and expensive) needs. For the average person who's just trying to improve the search results for their own name, it simply doesn't make sense to pay a reputation service thousands of dollars.

Since we're the only product concentrated solely on helping people control the search results for their name, we're able to cut out needless complexity and focus on creating a simple, effective solution that's easy for anybody to use.

2. Simple & Do-It-Yourself

We believe it's not sustainable, affordable or even necessary to have an entire team of "search engine scientists" improve your own search results for you. In fact, more often than not, they're using tricky "Black Hat" techniques that ultimately get you banned from results. That's why we simplified the process to make it easy and fun for anyone to improve their own search results the right way.

3. A Free Product That's Actually FREE

Part of our mission is to help every individual improve their own search results with no price barrier. That's why our basic features are 100% free, and unlike our competitors, is all you need to start improving your results. Even our premium features are incredibly affordable (just a few bucks a month).

4. Transparent & "White Hat"

Unfortunately, many reputation companies will sometimes use "black hat" techniques that help in the short-term but ultimately get you banned from Google once detected. With BrandYourself, you never have to worry about that. We're completely open and transparent about our process, and only use "White Hat" techniques approved by search engines. In fact, many of the people behind our company have founded, worked or still work as executives for the most popular search engines in the world.

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