Nathan Evans


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Nathan Evans is the COO of, Inc..

Nathan joined, Inc. from his position as Global Managing Director at MESH, a global marketing and research agency with offices in the US, UK and Brazil.

Nathan started his career in London, UK at MESH before launching and leading MESH's first overseas office in NYC. Under Nathan's leadership, MESH US became the most valuable office of MESH's global footprint in under 3 years.

In 2008 Nathan was shortlisted as the Best Newcomer to the Industry and led MESH to a host of globally recognized awards endorsed by the UK's largest marketing research body (MRS).

Having spent most of his career advising businesses on how to improve a brands reputation, Nathan is now dedicated to empowering individuals to improve theirs.

While brands continue to invest millions of dollars marketing themselves online, it is individuals that are being increasingly defined by their own unique digital footprint.

Having access to the tools and the services to take control is essential.

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