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Our CEO Patrick Ambron is a featured expert on online reputation management, online privacy, revenge porn, tech startups to VC funding.
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Awards & Recognition:

Top Young Startsup in the U.S.

Honored at the White House (2012)

Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35

Inc. Magazine (2014)

Top 5 Collegiate Startup

Entrepreneur Magazine (2012)

Fastest Growing Reputation
Management Company

The Agency Post (2014)

Top 5 Hottest Web Apps at SXSW

PCWorld (2013)

Best Bootstrapped Startup at SXSW

SXSW Accelerator (2013)

What The Press is Saying:

"Everybody should check out BrandYourself. It helps makes sure the first thing that someone sees when they Google you is a good thing."
"Wonder who might be Googling you? BrandYourself can help you find out where, when and how others are searching for you."
"BrandYourself is sophisticated, elegant and user-friendly. I've tried it out, and found it to be fast, easy and even engaging."
"BrandYourself is the digital version of combing your hair before an interview."
"Few people realize they should spend just as much time highlighting the good news about themselves on the web [as removing bad stuff]."
"After I used BrandYourself, two Huffington Post articles that I'm particularly proud of writing are now my No. 2 and No. 3 results."
"BrandYourself examines your profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook and so forth), then gives you specific steps to make them rank higher in Google."

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