Our DIY product simplifies the complicated online reputation
management process so you can do it yourself.

1. Submit the websites/profiles you want people to find when they Google you.

For example, your favorite social media profiles (if you don't have any, we'll help you build them),
your personal website, or any other websites/profiles about you (like an article or company profile).

2. Follow our steps to make those websites/profiles rank higher in Google.

  • Our software analyzes each link you submit
    and gives you specific steps you can take to
    help them rank higher.
  • After you follow our steps, track your websites/profiles as
    they begin rising higher in Google.

3. Track your progress and get alerts whenever your results change.

  • Your "Search Score" monitors how
    many positive vs. negative results
    are on your first page.
  • We'll alert you when an unidentified result appears on your first page of Google or
    any of your websites/profiles rise or fall significantly, so you can have peace of mind about your
    online reputation.

4. Find out who's Googling and finding you online.

  • We'll tell you any time anybody searches for you
    online and finds your BrandYourself profile. For
    example, discover if you were Googled after that job
    interview or that first date you went on.

We'll build you an online presence that blows people away –
then you can use our Premium tools to manage it over time.

Our experts like Matt will help you decide what the world should know about you.

1. You get a personal branding consultation with one of our experts.

One of our personal branding specialists will call you and figure out the best way to position you online. Many people don't know how to talk about themselves or highlight their best attributes. Our experts are the best at figuring out what the world should know about you. A personalized consultation like this would normally cost hundreds of dollars.

We'll build websites and profiles that make you look amazing online.

2. We build you state-of-the-art websites/profiles that normally cost thousands of dollars.

Based on your initial call, your team will create custom state-of-the-art sites for you (view example website), at a quality that would normally cost thousands of dollars from a top tier design agency. They'll register custom domains for you (like yourname.com), create all the content for you and optimize your sites to be as search engine friendly as possible. They'll also create professional and social media profiles filled with relevant information that are well designed and are optimized to rank as high as possible in Google (view example profile).

We leave you with an action plan and everything you need to continue improving your results.

3. Once your websites/profiles are built, for just $20/month you get everything you need to update, promote and improve them over time.

You get full access to our Premium tools, a personalized action plan and personal training to make sure you can execute that plan. We host your websites, monitor and renew your domain names so they never expire, and give you priority customer support whenever you need help. You can cancel any time.

Get Your Headstart

Or call (646) 863-8282 and we'll help
you decide if it's right for you.

Plans start at two payments of $399, plus $20/month.

Let our team of experts do all the work to create, update and promote an online
presence that blows people away and overshadows any unwanted results.

Call one of our Reputation Advisors for a no-pressure consultation (that's Patrick, one of our best)

1. Call (646) 863-8282 for a free consultation with one of our experts.

Our goal is to make sure you understand exactly what you need to do to look great online. Whether that means giving you a free strategy so you can use our tools yourself, or setting you up with an expert who can do the work for you, call us. At the end of the call you’ll have a good sense of all your options and can make the best decision possible.

We'll build state-of-the-art websites and profiles that make you look amazing (example).

2. Based on your call, we'll build you state-of-the art websites/profiles
that blow people away and optimize them to rank high in Google.

Your dedicated personal branding team will start by helping you figure out how to highlight your best attributes online. They'll use that information to create state-of-the-art websites and register custom domains like yourname.com for you (view example). They’ll also create professional profiles filled with relevant information (view example), and optimize everything to rank as high in possible in Google

We'll constantly promote great content about you, overshadowing unwanted results.

3. Once your online presence is built, we'll continually update it with great content and promote it across the web, building a positive brand in your industry and overshadowing unwanted results.

If you actually want to build your brand online, you need to continually publish content about your industry that looks great – and make sure people actually read it. Our experts are the best at this. Not only does it build your brand, but it's the only way to improve how you look in Google. Here's an example of a monthly report and an example of content we create for you.

Call (646) 863-8226 for your free consultation.

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Plans start at $399/month