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Personal Branding


A New Way for Personal Branding – Use Geolocation to Build Your Personal Brand

Geo tools present a new and exciting way for users to network, develop relationships, engage a customer base, and build a brand within a niche community or ecosystem. Building a brand reputation, recognition, or relationship takes time and touches. Customers want to do business with a brand which is recognizable and has a solid reputation built on recommendations from trusted sources like their own friends and family. And with your personal brand, geolocation and tagging tools are another new facet of the marketing and branding package that sets you apart from the rest.

Personal Branding Tips: How Foursquare Affects Your Personal Brand

Foursquare is one of the newer social media sites that is growing quite quickly in popularity. It allows you to “check in” wherever you are (restaurant, shopping, museum, etc). It can connect with Twitter and Facebook so you can let all your friends know where you are and maybe offer up some good tips on the great things about that place. Since Foursquare is yet another social media outlet that reveals more information about you (where you are, what time, etc.) it is most definitely a personal branding tool for those who use it – whether they want it to be or not.

Job Search Tips – How to Use Twitter Lists to Find a Job

What started out as the new shiny e-toy is slowly going the way of the quickly forgotten fad. Twitter lists were and are an incredible tool and were hugely accepted when they were unveiled. However, most people, after setting up a few lists, moved on to another shiny toy without giving it much thought. But Twitter lists are still an ideal way to better organize followers into people of interest, sports related, city related, geography related and even a category for your career search.

Develop Your Personal Brand Strategy: 15 Must-Read Personal Branding Articles

Develop Your Personal Brand Strategy: 15 Must-Read Personal Branding Articles. When it comes to building a brand, there is rarely a “right” or “wrong” path that applies to all. Instead, it is likely a highly unique and personalized route that will lead you to success. With that said, allow me to provide an even wider range of viewpoints. Here are 15 recent personal branding articles from 15 great authors – some you might know, and some you might not.