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Personal Branding


Build YOUR Personal Brand, Not a Bobblehead-Brand!

It is easy to hit the brain’s snooze button and mindlessly agree with everyone – especially with those in positions of authority (experts in your field, your boss, established media outlets). We blindly accept every order from management, leave positive comments on every blog we see, cruising around life like a sheep that can type. But you know what? Sheep don’t get anywhere. Neither will you if you don’t voice your own opinion and blaze your own trail every now and then.

Government Job Search: Your Federal Resume Profile on

Thinking of applying for a government job, but you don’t have a clue about how to navigate the daunting process and wonder how (or if) you can get your brand into your application?

Federal/government jobs entice job seekers at all levels – from entry level to C-level/senior executives. Many seasoned executives want to transition away from the instability of the corporate world. Government jobs may be their ticket to career fulfillment.