How to Remove Court Records from Google Search Results 

Do you have court records/lawsuits showing up for your name in Google? We’ve outlined how to remove them from the top legal information websites below. Not sure where to start? Our Reputation Experts can give you some actionable steps for your specific situation. Schedule a no-pressure consultation or give us a call.

If you’ve been involved in any type of legal proceeding, you may be surprised to find information about it showing up in a Google search for your name. And if the information is appearing on one website, it is likely on numerous others.

That’s because there are many legal information websites, or aggregators, that compile info from public court records and make it easily accessible and searchable to the public. This includes court dockets, cases, and filings.

Most of these websites exist to serve as a resource to lawyers, law students, legal researchers, and others in the field of law. However, an unexpected consequence of these databases is the damaging reputational effects for people whose court records are now showing up online.

Remove Your Court Records from Google

Each of the major aggregator websites offers the option to either remove the content completely or block it from showing up in Google search results. In the second scenario, the content will still exist on the website, but it will not appear in Google search results.

We put together free opt-out guides for each of the major websites to walk you through how to remove the information yourself:

Protect Your Online Presence

It’s important to note that getting an unwanted search result, like a court record, removed from the web is rarely a comprehensive solution to the problem. We always recommend building a positive web presence in conjunction with any removal efforts. It’s common for people to have multiple unwanted items in Google search results, which requires a holistic approach. Having a positive online presence also helps to mitigate anything negative or unwanted that may pop up down the road.

Our reputation management guide provides an in-depth look at how to build a positive online presence. We also offer a free DIY tool that walks you through the process of building and maintaining a solid online reputation. Not sure where to get started? Give our experts a call: 646-863-8226. At the very least, you’ll walk away with an action plan for next steps.


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