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The Job Search Strategy, Reconsidered

While monitoring a lot of chatter on Twitter recently regarding the usage by companies of social networking to fill jobs, something struck me that I had not processed previously: not everyone is doing it!
But what does this mean for you as a possible job candidate? For one, don’t exclusively use social networking to find your next position. Yes, social networking is important to get you in contact with the right person/people within organizations. However, you still need to continue to use more traditional job searching tools.

Social Media Strategy – Old Tools in an Evolving World

I recently listened to an ERE social media presentation which was presented by Penelope Trunk. I thought the vast majority of the presentation was excellent, with great insight and interesting thoughts on social media as a whole.

I always try to leave a presentation with one or two items that stand out and leave me with something to build off of. In this case, I walked away with two topics on which I did not agree with Penelope’s feedback. Now I hope to provide you with my thoughts on the issues.

Job Search Tips – How to Use Twitter Lists to Find a Job

What started out as the new shiny e-toy is slowly going the way of the quickly forgotten fad. Twitter lists were and are an incredible tool and were hugely accepted when they were unveiled. However, most people, after setting up a few lists, moved on to another shiny toy without giving it much thought. But Twitter lists are still an ideal way to better organize followers into people of interest, sports related, city related, geography related and even a category for your career search.