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Job Search Tips


The Job Search Strategy, Reconsidered

While monitoring a lot of chatter on Twitter recently regarding the usage by companies of social networking to fill jobs, something struck me that I had not processed previously: not everyone is doing it!
But what does this mean for you as a possible job candidate? For one, don’t exclusively use social networking to find your next position. Yes, social networking is important to get you in contact with the right person/people within organizations. However, you still need to continue to use more traditional job searching tools.

Job Search Tips with Career Expert Katy Piotrowski

Piotrowski, who is the founder of Career Solutions Group, has more than 15 years in the industry. She recommends that new industry transition should start with a job seeker’s strengths. Research the industry and look for opportunitites that you might enjoy based on the job seekers likes and interests. From there, she recommends the job seeker laying out a clear plan prior to moving to a new industry. It can be overwhelming and devoting just five minutes to the future and focusing on one area to help staying or becoming more competitive.

Build A Social Media Resume Profile- How You Use LinkedIn Can Impact Your Job Search

LinkedIn is, by far, the number one social network geared strictly towards business professionals. While it is a great place to network, meet people, and find jobs, it is also your electronic resume. What users need to understand is that it is more than a business networking site. Your LinkedIn profile can go a long way towards giving you an edge in your job search. On the same note, it can also kill it if you aren’t using it correctly.

Job Search Tips – How to Use Twitter Lists to Find a Job

What started out as the new shiny e-toy is slowly going the way of the quickly forgotten fad. Twitter lists were and are an incredible tool and were hugely accepted when they were unveiled. However, most people, after setting up a few lists, moved on to another shiny toy without giving it much thought. But Twitter lists are still an ideal way to better organize followers into people of interest, sports related, city related, geography related and even a category for your career search.