Why Personal Branding – 7 Benefits of Developing Your Personal Brand

People often describe a strong personal brand as a magnet that attracts clients, job offers, and opportunities. That’s because personal branding shows people you are the only solution to their problem. You are not just better than your competitors – you are the only choice for a certain group of people with a particular need.

Benefits of Personal Branding:

1. People trust you more

Your personal brand explains the “why” you do what you do – in other words, what drives and motivates you. This makes people more comfortable working with you. Your intentions are genuine and clear. This fosters trust. People feel more comfortable when they think they can predict what you will do. When people know the source of your career energy, they feel better about putting you in charge of their needs.

2. You have a much higher perceived value

As your personal brand develops, people will start thinking about you on an emotional level (as a brand), not simply an intellectual level (as a job title). People will connect more deeply with your brand, increasing your value to them and allowing you to charge more for your services. In addition, being actively involved in your niche and creating “credibility boosters” (like original, useful on-brand content) establishes you as an expert, driving demand for you and allowing you to work less and make more.

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3. You are differentiated from the competition

Your personal brand is a competitive edge that separates you from your competition in the minds of potential employers and customers. The more you build your brand, the more you elevate yourself above your peers, and the less you have to work to convince people you are the solution to their problems.

4. You are always 100% authentic

Your personal brand is built upon your values, goals, skills, and passions. It comes directly from your quest for meaning and fulfillment. It grows from what you stand for. It is one hundred percent you, and nobody else. You never have put on a fake persona or a contrived voice that isn’t genuinely you. Being totally authentic in all that you do makes life much easier and more fulfilling. Your work life will revolve around your deepest priorities and take advantage of your talents in a way that brings you joy.

5. You are the “go-to” person in your area of expertise for your specific audience

A highly successful personal brand makes you the best – no, only – solution to a certain group’s problems. Word of mouth will propel your brand forward and create enthusiasm for what you do, bringing in references, referrals, job offers, and testimonials.

6. You are known as an expert in your field

As your network grows, you’ll find more and more people recognize your name before you meet them. Your prominence will grow and continue to keep you in a position of power in the workplace.

7. You attract ideal opportunities

Since your brand is totally authentic and deeply rooted in your search for meaning, it will attract similar-minded people with the same values and goals. Employers and/or customers will connect on a higher level because they will understand why you do what you do, not just what you do. In the same vein, your personal brand will repel opportunities that don’t fit well with your life’s purpose. You won’t get offers that distract you from your mission in life, and you’ll get more fulfilling offers that connect with the “why” you do what you do. Without working any harder, you’ll attract more career options.

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Our tool helps you promote the content and websites that will enhance your personal brand the most.


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    Dan Schawbel

    1) people know who you are
    2) people know what you do
    3) people decide if they want to connect with you based on both

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    Luke Harvey-Palmer

    Good post, and a good summary of the benefits…you could also include more of the right kind of clients – especially important if you are self employed!

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