Tips for Personal Brand Management – Make Your Executive Personal Brand Communications Plan

You’ve defined your personal brand and created your career marketing materials, designed to resonate with your target audience.

And you know that, in job search, you’re in a sales and marketing campaign for your corporation of one – Brand You.

How are you going to market your unique promise of value to potential employers?


You’ll need a well-rounded brand communications plan that incorporates real-life and online personal marketing to capture the attention of recruiters and hiring decision makers.

If you think your online presence doesn’t factor much into hiring decision-making, see my post Does Your Online Identity Scream “Hire Me”? All other things being equal, a strong online footprint can tip the scales in your favor.

I safeguard the integrity and vitality of my own plan and keep it humming with personal brand health insurance – the 3 Cs – clarity, consistency, constancy.

Here’s a good part of what’s in my brand plan:

Online Profiles/Presence:

  • 2 blog-based websites, Executive Career Brand and Executive Resume Branding, and one static website.

-Both blogs are included on several other blogrolls

  • LinkedIn – 100% complete, branded, searchable profile
  • Personal Branding Expert bio
  • Brand-Yourself blog weekly columnist bio
  • Google Profile
  • ZoomInfo
  • Business Week’s Business Exchange
  • Business VisualCV
  • Personal VisualCV
  • Amazon – I need to update this.
  • Facebook
  • Careers industry professional associations

Social Media:

  • LinkedIn. Network updates 2-3 times a week. Active with 20+ Groups. Manage’s new LinkedIn Personal Branding Help sub-group. Come join us!
  • Active Twitter user, post several times a day. RT my tweeps regularly. Drive traffic to blogs through Twitter network
  • Post at least twice a week to my 2 blogs
  • Guest blog regularly at various other relevant blogs
  • Comment regularly on relevant blogs (I try to be the first responder so my comments sit at the top of the list.)
  • Weekly columns (Mondays) here on the blog
  • Personal Branding Expert at, contributing articles once a month
  • E-list/online forum sharing and discussion through personal branding and careers industry professional associations
  • Contribute articles and content to executive networking/job agent/job boards
  • Contribute content and document samples to numerous job search/personal branding e-books and print books each year
  • Press releases to various publications several times a year
  • Branded email signature, with links to blog, LinkedIn profile and VisualCV
  • Self-Google several times a week to monitor how I’m doing

Networking / Continuing Education

  • Keep up with my professional network, virtually and in real-life. That means actually speaking by phone frequently. Emailing alone just doesn’t cut it
  • Attend numerous professional webinars/teleseminars each year
  • Put faces to names by attending at least one professional conference each year

WHEW!!! I think that pretty well covers it. That’s what keeps me busy marketing-wise. It can be a challenge fitting all this in with working my job, which is helping senior executives build their personal brand communications plans.

So, what’s in your communications plan? What are you doing that I should be doing?

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An Executive Personal Branding, Online Identity and Job Search Strategist, Meg is a 20-year careers industry professional and one of only a handful of people worldwide to hold the Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist and Master Resume Writer credentials, both gold standards.

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