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Personal Positioning: Degrees of separation? 3 is the new 6

Thanks to personal branding and the advent of web 2.0 the world is becoming flatter! Not literally of course, but between Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, the world does seem a little closer every day. Anyone is really only TWO people away. This means that the 6 degrees of separation has now become 3 degrees. So if you want to meet someone, that means if your friends don’t know him, then your friend’s friend does and this is changing the way that we’re doing business!

Personal Brand Assessment: What To Consider Before Creating Your Personal Brand

I stumbled across a debate going on about personal branding, started by Geoff Livingston of The Buzz Bin a few days ago with his blog post I Don’t Care About Your Personal Brand. While I disagree with him overall, he does bring up some valid points that I will address later. In response to it though, another post was written to defend personal branding by Mitch Joel over at Twist Image rightly named Why You Need To Care More About Your Personal Brand. I encourage everyone to read both posts, the comments and decided for yourself. There is no right or wrong answer, just a matter of opinion.