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Social Media Strategy – Old Tools in an Evolving World

I recently listened to an ERE social media presentation which was presented by Penelope Trunk. I thought the vast majority of the presentation was excellent, with great insight and interesting thoughts on social media as a whole.

I always try to leave a presentation with one or two items that stand out and leave me with something to build off of. In this case, I walked away with two topics on which I did not agree with Penelope’s feedback. Now I hope to provide you with my thoughts on the issues.

Resume Preparation: Resume Writing for Communications Majors

Which goes first, my experience section or my education section? How about my high-school experiences, are these still relevant?

During the last two years I have been bombarded with these and similar questions from undergraduate students in one of the most prestigious communications schools in the country. Here are six tips on how to effectively create an academic resume for communications majors that will impress employers and help you land that coveted internship with the NBC Page Program or a position in Ogilvy & Mather’s Associates Program.