Personal Brand Building: Working on a Team and Making a Team Work

We hear it time and time again; the purpose of bringing together a team is to create synergy. Rub two 1’s together and end up with a 3. Accomplish larger goals than any one person could possibly achieve alone. The list of good reasons for pulling together a dynamic team is endless, but creating this oh so elusive perfect mix is easier said than done.

The first step is finding a diverse group of people, each with a unique personal brand which can fill a necessary gap. Once you’ve got the right people, you’re unfortunately only halfway there. Now the molding has to begin. Here are six necessities to help you form those separate individuals into one,  fluid masterpiece. Why six you ask? Because  five is boring and seven is far too overplayed.

  1. Understanding: First, there needs to be an absolute sense of understanding when working on a team. A group of people working together will tend to fight in order to get the largest piece of pie for themselves. A team, on the other hand, recognizes the unique value brought forward by each members personal brand and allows the larger goals of the team to come before personal gain.
  2. Creative Abrasion: Conflict is good, and any smart, motivated, and driven group of individuals will realize that a clash of ideas is a necessary aspect of progression. It forces us to take a hard look at validation, raises the energy level, and brings out passions. It is important to solve conflict in a constructive manner, but never shy away from a valuable dispute.
  3. Strong leadership: This one is a given. Without clear leadership, expectations become vague, visions are scattered, and time is wasted. Good leaders lead by example, constant participation, and sheer charisma. A great leader knows how to embody the vision and mission of the team simply through actions alone.
  4. Personal Development: Each person has to understand the unique value they bring to the group and be open to learn from the expertise of others as well. It is not good enough to simply excel in your own niche, a team environment gives you the ability to expand and learn new things out of your comfort zone while teaching others simultaneously. A team that constantly supports one another is key for  personal and team development.
  5. Shared Values: It takes work, but actively establishing shared values is crucial when working on a team. These shared values create common goals, allowing everyone to effortlessly move forward in the same direction. These values also become the team’s code of behavior because they define what is and what is not acceptable. These values take the form of both corporate objectives and individual values. Creating common goals requires knowing what are SMART goals.
  6. Embrace Your Personal Brand: Encourage diversity by leveraging each person’s individuality. True energy, synergy, and value is created by throwing a diverse crew together and constantly building upon the core competencies of each individual member. The varying perspectives, inevitable conflicts, and cross pollination of ideas is invaluable. Very little in life is more rewarding than working on a team with a diverse spectrum of individuals that have somehow managed to fit together seamlessly, and in do so, created something great.

Evan Watson

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    Jared O'Toole

    I love the embracing your personal brand. You need to let people be themselves and have their personalities come out. This is what helps innovation when each person has the chance to generate their own ideas.

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