Opt Out: Remove Your Personal Info

Protect your private info today: Our software automatically identifies where your information is being exposed online and removes it. This protects your name, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other personal info from showing up in public search results. Get a free scan to see in seconds which websites have your info. is a large personal info database that lets you search for and find publicly available information on people. You can search for people, property records, email addresses, social network accounts, or criminal records. You can also do a reverse phone lookup or complete a background check via the website. For this reason, you likely want to remove your own info from their site.

USSearch is also a bit unique from other sites because its search engine feeds several other data broker websites. This makes completing an USSearch opt out even more crucial in the process of protecting your privacy on the web. Removing your info from will remove it from any other affiliated websites as well.

Remove your private info from data brokers fast
Our privacy tool quickly opts you out of 50+ sites sharing your info online.

How to Opt Out from Step-by-Step Instructions

In order to manually remove your private data from, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to’s opt out page to begin the process. opt out form

Step 2: Fill out your first name, last name, state, and email address. Then click “continue”.

Tip: If you prefer to not use your own email address, you can create a temporary one for free using a service like Maildrop. completed form

Step 3: Go through the list of results. Once you identify the listing with your information. Click the button to the right that says, “Remove this Record”. listings results

Step 4: A verification email will be sent to the provided email address. Go check your email. email verification

Step 5: Click the “confirm email” button in the verification email.

ussearch confirmation email

Step 6: Your opt out request has been submitted. You may be contacted by for additional information to process your removal request.

ussearch opt out confirmation

This completes the opt out process. It can take a few weeks for the information to be completely removed from the website and its affiliates. Remember, this only removes your info from USSearch’s network. Your information is elsewhere. Whether with an automated tool or manually, consistently monitor your online presence for other data brokers that are exposing it online.

Remove your private info from data brokers fast
Our privacy tool quickly opts you out of 50+ sites sharing your info online.