Social Catfish Opt Out: How to Remove Your Data

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With the proliferation of information on the internet, it has been easy for anybody to look up names and run background checks on people as long as they have their names. Websites like allow you to run background and investigative checks on people based on information gotten from the internet. It is, however, possible to remove one’s details from websites like The process is free, simple and fast in most cases. For the social catfish opt-out, the process is listed below.

Remove your private info from data brokers fast
Our privacy tool quickly opts you out of 50+ sites sharing your info online.

The Social Catfish Opt-out Process: Step-by-Step

You may want to handle this process manually. You can do so by following the steps below. Keep in mind that this only pertains to removing your info from (not any other site sharing it online).

Step 1: Go to the social catfish website.

social catfish website

Step 2: Input your full name and country of residence. Then click “search”.

social catfish people search

Step 3: Select an age range to refine the search result.

There is an option not to filter by age, but it may not refine the results enough if you have a common name. After selecting the option applicable to you, click continue.

social catfish age range

Step 4: Find the result that contains your information. Once you identify it, click “See full result”.

social catfish search result

Step 5: Highlight the URL to listing and copy it to your clipboard.

social catfish link

Step 6: Go to this link to access Social Catfish’s opt out form.

social catfish opt out form

Step 7: Paste the URL of your listing into the required field. 

Also include your email address, phone number, and other requested information. Once complete, click “Remove Your Listing” to submit the request.

social catfish completed form

Step 8: Check your email for a confirmation email from Social Catfish. 

Click the verification link in the email to complete the process. It can take a few days for the info to be removed from the site, so pop back onto the site after a week or so to verify that your data has been completely removed.

Remove your private info from data brokers fast
Our privacy tool quickly opts you out of 50+ sites sharing your info online.