Opt Out: Remove Your Info

Protect yourself online. Our tool finds and removes your personal info (phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, etc) from data brokers exposing it online. Get started today with a free privacy scan – learn in minutes which websites have your info.

The site is a data broker website that specializes in phone number data. Its primary use is to find the personal information associated with the owner of a phone number. This includes mobile numbers and landlines. charges a flat fee for access to the record.

With the growing need to protect one’s identity, it’s in your best interest to remove your information from This can also help to minimize the amount of robocallers and telemarketers contacting you.

Remove your personal info from data brokers fast
Our tool finds and removes your info from 50+ sites exposing it online

How to opt out of

Phoneowner is actually powered by a parent data broker website. This means you have to opt out of that data broker’s database in order to have your information removed from both sites. Here’s the process:

1. Go to: Click “Continue”.

This page includes info on how the the database is compiled (by accessing publicly available records). control info

2. Read the info about data collection and management. Then click, “Continue”. data collection & management

3. Read the info about public record access & distribution. Then click, “Continue”. public record access

4. Enter your first and last name. Then click, “Search”. name search

5. Go through the list of search results until you find your listing. Then click, “Control info”. search results

6. Login to your account. If you do not already have one, then you must create one. login

7. Verify your identity. Enter your cell number. A verification code will be texted to the number. Enter the code in the provided field. listing

8. From the dropdown menu next to the “Background check & contact info” button, select “Control info” listing control info

9. Click “Manage info”. manage info

10. Click “Delete specific records”. delete specific records

11. Check the checkbox next to each piece of information you wish to delete. select records

12. Your opt out request has been submitted.

It can take a few days for the request to be processed and for your info to be removed. If after a few days your info is still on, followup with their customer service. confirmation

This process only removes your info from (and Radaris). Your personal information is located on other sites — and each site has its own opt out process. Go through each website manually or use a tool like BrandYourself to automatically find and remove your info.

Remove your personal info from data brokers fast
Our tool finds and removes your info from 50+ sites exposing it online