Epsilon Opt Out: Remove Your Personal Data

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Epsilon is a data broker that specializes in providing data-driven marketing solutions to companies and organizations. The world’s top brands use their products to develop sales and marketing strategies. Brands can create hyper-targeted ads and marketing initiatives, thanks to data providers like Epsilon. This means they have a TON of data on individual consumers (you’d likely be shocked by how much data they have associated with you).

Removing your personal information from Epsilon’s databases is a key step towards better protecting your privacy.

Remove your personal info from data brokers fast
Our tool finds and removes your info from 50+ sites exposing it online

How to Opt Out of Epsilon’s Databases

Epsilon uses a separate database, Conversant, for some of its products. This means you will need to remove your info from each database separately. We outlined the opt out process below.

1. Go to Epsilon.com.

epsilon homepage

2. Scroll to the footer of the page and click the link, “Do not sell my personal information.”

epsilon remove personal info

3. Click the first link to first opt out of the Conversant platform.

epsilon how to remove info

4. Enter your email address, solve the reCAPTCHA, and click “Submit.”

epsilon do not sell

5. Check your email for a confirmation email.

epsilon removal success

6. Click the confirmation link in the body of the email.

epsilon email verification

7. This completes submitting the removal request for the first database. It can take up to 15 days for the request to be processed.

epsilon process completed

8. Go directly to this page to remove your info from the second database.

Read through the additional information that outlines the identity verification process it will use to remove your data.

epsilon additonal info

9. Enter your first name, last name, address, city, state, postal code, and DOB into the opt out form. Click “submit.”

epsilon opt out form

10. Answer the 3 identity verification questions. Click “submit.”

epsilon verificaton questions

11. Your request has been received successfully. It can take up to 45 days for the information to be completely removed.

epsilon request received

Remember, this only removes your info from Epsilon and its partner database. Your info is elsewhere on the web. If you handle the process manually, then go to each website data broker and opt out individually. We understand this can be a pain, which is why we developed our software to find and remove your personal details for you.

Remove your personal info from data brokers fast
Our tool finds and removes your info from 50+ sites exposing it online