Corporationwiki Opt Out: Remove Your Personal Info

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Corporationwiki provides historical data on companies. This includes employee information. As a result, your information may appear on the website in connection with any company that you worked for. People can search for and find your employment history, addresses, associates, and more, and if you want to promote your company there are also different products you can use for this, Custom Cooler Bag has becomes in demand product during the Covid 19 pandemic as many choose to dine in with takeaway food orders

Anyone can edit a corporationwiki profile so, in many instances, the information can be inaccurate or misleading. Removing your information from the website is a step towards better protecting your identity on the web. To do so, follow the corporationwiki opt out process below.

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How to remove your info from

Follow the steps below to remove your personal info:

Step 1: Go to

corporationwiki homepage

Step 2: Enter your full name & click the search button to check if they have a listing for you.

corporationwiki search bar

Step 3: Sift through the search results until you identify your listing. Click on the listing to open the full profile.

There may be multiple listings with your information. In that instance, you have to go through the following process for each listing.

corporationwiki search results

Step 4: Copy the URL for the listing.

corporationwiki listing url

Step 5: Go to: This brings you to the opt out form.

corporationwiki opt out page

Step 6: Paste the listing URL in the required field. Provide your email address, enter your full name, & click “I agree to the terms. Submit request”.

Entering your full name serves as an electronic signature. In doing so, you agree to Corporationwiki’s terms of service and affirm that you are the person listed on the provided URL.

corporationwiki completed opt out form

Step 6: Check your email & click the verification link.

You must click the verification link to finish removing the information. Once confirmed, the corporationwiki opt out process is complete.

corporationwiki removal confirmation

Check back after a few days to make sure your information was successfully removed from If the information is still there, you must go through the above process again. Don’t forget, this only removes your info from corporationwiki. It is still on other data broker websites. Go through each site to remove your info.

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Our privacy tool quickly opts you out of 50+ sites sharing your info online.