Arrestfacts Opt Out: Remove Your Info

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The website is a free and searchable data broker that aggregates court and criminal records. It boasts a database of police, civil, criminal, and court records from every jurisdiction in the country.

These records include personal information on an individual in question (booking photo, location, case info, arrest facts, conviction details, etc.)

Finding yourself on Arrestfacts can be a jarring experience but it is possible to remove your information. We put together this quick guide to walk you through the Arrestfacts removal process.

Remove your personal info from data brokers fast
Our tool finds and removes your info from 50+ sites exposing it online

How to Opt Out of

Ready to remove your info from Arrestfacts? Follow the below steps.

1. Go to

arrestfacts homepage
2. Enter your first name, last name, and city/state. Then click “Search.”

arrestfacts search
3. Go through the list of search results until you identify the record with your listing. Once you find the record, click “View More.”

arrestfacts record
4. In the lower right-hand corner, click “Information Control.”

arrestfacts information control
5. Fill out your name and email, solve the reCAPTCHA, and click “Send.”

arrestfacts opt out form
6. Check your email for a verification email from Arrestfacts.

arrestfacts email confirmation
7. Click the confirmation link in the body of the email.

arrestfacts confirmation link
8. Your opt out request is confirmed.

arrestfacts confirm

Arrestfacts will review the request and remove the information from its platform. Each request is subject to an administrator’s review and you may be required to provide additional information. Opt outs take 48 hours to process. We recommend checking back after a few days to verify that the listing has been successfully removed. If your information is still on the site, contact Arrestfacts through its contact form.

A few things to note:

  • This process only removes your information from It is likely on a number of other data broker websites. This requires going to each site and following the designated opt out process. Check out our tool that finds and removes your info from 50+ of the most common data brokers.
  • If you’re dealing with mugshots showing up in a Google search for your name, the process may be more complex depending on the website they are hosted on. Not all mugshot-based websites have opt out procedures like identified above. It may require other mugshot removal or suppression methods. Not sure which situation you fit into? Schedule time to speak with one of our reputation advisors.

Remove your personal info from data brokers fast
Our tool finds and removes your info from 50+ sites exposing it online