The Who, What, Why & How of Reputation and Relationships

These days everyone wants to know just how they build their following and tribes, peeps too!

The web revolution has produced some great how-to books, websites, blogs and even some studies. There are some compelling thought and social voices that have also emerged that give us some insights.

Truth is, reputation and relationships are built on the very same principles they’ve always been since humans began interacting, gathering and building communities.

It’s the iconic who, what, why and how principle.
It’s developing, celebrating and using that internal and external persona, that is already there and a part of our DNA!

Who are you?
What do you stand for?
Why should you serve?
How can you better the community that supports you and the world you live in?

Who you are is the combination of your external appearance or image and your internal essence.
Whenever you are out professionally, make sure you are dressed appropriately and groomed. People do notice the fine points and that can say a lot about you. Ask any professional etiquette coach about how important style, flair and appropriateness is in making a first impression!

What you stand for is about your values, attitudes, demeanor and how you express your unique qualities.
Show people that and they will make a connection with you because we all look for those commonalities in our relationships with others. Kindness, sense of humor, integrity, generosity, creativity, caring all speak volumes about you to others.

Why you serve is how you want to be remembered.
Whatever causes or social leadership you are passionate about will not only drive and motivate you naturally but draw people to you. Step up, volunteer, join a cause, initiate an action, support one that needs some help.

How you better the community that supports you and the world you live in
Bettering the world around you should be an ultimate goal of everybody. It is the right and responsible thing to do, especially today. The “lone wolf” Me, Myself, and I mentality is dead and gone. It’s a WE world now. We live together and WE endure and survive and thrive together. No one can last or survive alone. There are so many ways for you and your company to give back and show gratitude.

Here are some links and sites that I love that can give you some ideas on how you can start doing good and get involved in your community:

If we all try harder to just be ourselves, authentic and consistent, we might just find that this “building relationships” thing is easier than we think.

One more thought: If you are in career and job transition, this approach might just get you that referral and connection you’ve been searching for. Make the extra effort and be your best self!

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    Thanks for your post. I really like what you had to say about community. A great thing about the blogosphere is that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Those who are in it for themselves will eventually make that aspect transparent and will fade away. Thanks again!

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