Resume Preparation: Learn the 5 types of a resume

There are 5 major types of resumes: the chronological resume, functional resume, combination resume, target resume, and mini resume. Every type has its place in the hiring process and may be useful to you at some point in your career. As you’re preparing for an interview, consider which resume makes the most sense for you.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of resumes:

1. Chronological Resume

It is a brief run-through of your working history according to when you held the position. With this resume, jobs are always supposed to be listed in reverse chronological order. Start with the most recent activity and then work back from there. This makes your career path logical and readable. Put your most important information at the top to make it easy to find. It will also most likely be your most impressive assignment. Keep in mind employers take the closest look at your more recent employment activity as a gauge for how you are going to work in the future. This is generally the preferred method by hiring managers.

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2. Functional Resume

This resume does not focus as heavily on when you did your activities, but rather what you did. It focuses on clusters of experience you’ve gained from multiple projects. This lets you keep the focus off employment gaps you may have or a career path that is not clearly heading toward this job opening.

A functional resume comes in handy for roles that require specific, targeted skills.

3. Combination Resume

As the name suggests, this is a hybrid of functional and chronological. It outlines the skills that you possess and relates them to time periods of past employment. This

4. Targeted Resume

A targeted resume simply means not creating one generic resume to send out to the masses. With a targeted resume, you take the time to tweak it to put you in the best light to get hired by a particular company. It is a good idea to take a targeted approach when putting together any other type of resume. While it may save you time to create one and send it out, you will get better results if you tailor your resume to each potential employer.

This is particularly crucial for highly-competitive roles.

5. Mini Resume

While rarely used in hiring settings, it is helpful to have a mini resume on hand.  Many times these are a short synopsis of your working history sometimes in the form of a bio, often with some supplemental information requested. They are supposed to be short and to the point so that when someone meets you quickly, they can get a feel for your experience.

Keep in mind that the resume is a major part of your offline brand. In essence, a resume is your personal brand built into one nice neat page. For this reason, you need to spend more time on this than anything else. Don’t leave resume building and brainstorming until the night before your college career fair. Give it to people, get feedback, and never stop building your brand.


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    I agree that these are the 5 types in the paper resume World but I do believe that we will start seeing another type of resume which is an Online Resume which can include videos, audios, blogs, references and more. I would add that Video Resume is also another type although it has been used mainly by athletes and performers to showcase their strengths and skills.

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    Cynthia Kurtz

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    RJ Sherman

    @Cynthia Kurtz – I am glad that you enjoyed reading over the article. We work to push out content to help everyone. In this economy it is important for everyone to brush up on their resume skills to make sure they have the right resume for the type of job they are applying for.

    Thanks for the comment and if you never need any job search advice you know where to find us.

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    There are lots of various types you can go while writing a resume. These are also few facts about the resumes which are mainly used while writing the resumes. Good information Sherman Thanks.

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