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personal positioning


Personal Positioning: Start-up vs. Corporate World—My Decision

For anyone, job hunting can be stressful, overwhelming and difficult. For those actively searching for jobs now, opportunities are scarce and the first job that appears remotely related to an individual’s interests is normally as good of a choice as one can hope for. But if you’re one of the lucky few given the luxury of choosing between several options, how do you gauge which job offer is right for you? Here’s some criteria that I examined this past week, when I was pitting two job offers against each other:

Personal Positioning: Degrees of separation? 3 is the new 6

Thanks to personal branding and the advent of web 2.0 the world is becoming flatter! Not literally of course, but between Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, the world does seem a little closer every day. Anyone is really only TWO people away. This means that the 6 degrees of separation has now become 3 degrees. So if you want to meet someone, that means if your friends don’t know him, then your friend’s friend does and this is changing the way that we’re doing business!