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Online Reputation Tools: How To Get Leverage From Media Monitoring

What I have noticed, along with quite a few other bloggers, is that Google Alerts misses a lot of local results. Also, it returns quite a few older results that are irrelevant due to being outdated. In a time when we get flooded with information, this can be really annoying. Another drawback with Google Alerts is that you have to add keywords one by one which makes it hard to manage when you add a lot of keywords.

There are a few options out there that I think do a better job, such as SocialMention for social media, Google Blogsearch for blogs etc. where you can set up RSS-feeds and monitor your search results. This is better than Google Alerts in the sense that it gives better results, but it is even harder to manage multiple search words when doing it in different channels.

For this reason we have developed Rynge Media Monitor (currently in beta). I would like to invite the readers of this blog to try it out.

Personal Brand Assessment: What To Consider Before Creating Your Personal Brand

I stumbled across a debate going on about personal branding, started by Geoff Livingston of The Buzz Bin a few days ago with his blog post I Don’t Care About Your Personal Brand. While I disagree with him overall, he does bring up some valid points that I will address later. In response to it though, another post was written to defend personal branding by Mitch Joel over at Twist Image rightly named Why You Need To Care More About Your Personal Brand. I encourage everyone to read both posts, the comments and decided for yourself. There is no right or wrong answer, just a matter of opinion.