Justin Bieber’s Total Brand Domination

Justin Bieber has become a pre-teen sensation practically overnight. After being discovered through YouTube, he’s been unstoppable. He’s dominated concert venues, become a huge online topic, and now he’s coming to theaters near you. That’s right, fangirls, brace yourself for Bieber on the big screen.

social media success

Social Media Hall-of-Famer

Let’s all take a moment and think about how different life would be if Justin Bieber had never posted YouTube videos, and if these said videos were never discovered by Scooter Braun. Would there be more good music in the world? Would a better artist have taken his place? Who knows, but at least we all would have been free from “Bieber fever.”

Regardless of whether you like Justin or not, there’s no denying the kid worked social media to his benefit. Though I don’t think he should be going home with any Grammys or music awards, he should definitely get one for social media. Without YouTube, it’s likely Justin’s talent would have gone unnoticed. As the movie trailer says, “They said it would never happen.” Well lucky for all of us, a manager happened to be poking around YouTube and came across Justin belting it out.

Bieber Fever…Er, Epidemic

Through tweets, blog posts and Facebook status updates, it’s clear people from all walks of life have contracted Bieber fever. During the summer, Justin was often trending on Twitter–more often than not claiming the highest trending spot. But it’s not just little preteen girls that want to have his babies that are talking about him. No, Justin has some friends in high places.

Kim Kardashian is but one example of one who’s tweeted about Justin on several occasions, even posting pictures of the two together. Through this type of extra publicity on social media, it’s likely Justin found himself a new following of fans (or at least brought out the psychos in some of his already devoted ones, considering Kardashian received several death threats).

Facebook has a movie…I should too!

While I don’t know what brilliant minds got behind this idea, it will still likely make a fortune with all the crazy Bieber fans out there. The movie is devoted to the “inspirational” story behind Justin Bieber’s journey to fame and all the crazy experiences he’s had. What’s more, it’ll be like Justin’s serenading you personally since you can see it in 3D! The movie may even bring in a new trinkling of fans, should current fans bring along friends and family to see the movie.

Branding Lessons…

Apart from Justin receiving even more recognition, maybe a new trend in social media will come about with the fame-seeking youth. YouTube is already full of aspiring singers and actors just waiting to be discovered, but younger people are creating Twitters and Facebooks to track celebrities, TV shows, sports teams and whatever they take interest in. If they could harness their accounts and start learning the do’s and don’ts of social media early on, perhaps branding may be easier and come more naturally in the future.

Though not everyone is going to become a teen idol like Justin, it is possible to start creating a rapport with companies you could one day see yourself working for. The sooner people learn to monitor their language online, how to engage with others respectfully and use accounts for more than just spamming celebrity news, the sooner social media networks can be a better place. It’s never too soon to start thinking ahead to the future. If it takes Justin Bieber to inspire kids to use social media to their advantage, then so be it.