FOLLOW FRIDAY: 12 Social Media Blogs You Can’t Live Without

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BloggingWell maybe you can live without them, but you definitely can’t stay ahead of the game without them!  Here at BrandYourself we love pointing out other bloggers that have influenced us and who we think will bring value to our blog and to our readers.  Our recommendation: get an RSS aggregator (Google Reader, Net News Wire, etc.) add these guys to your subscription list, and READ.  When I get into work at 9 I usually try to spend about half an hour checking my RSS aggregator to see what’s going on in our industry and just to stay up to date.  Honestly, doing this has given me more relevant information than reading the newspaper!

So here are 12 blogs to start off your list: from making your first Twitter handle to developing a killer Facebook strategy, these 12 blogs will be invaluable resources.

1. Almost Savvy

If you truly have no idea where to begin with social media, reading this blog should be your first step. Irene Koehler will guide you through the world of social media with helpful tips and thorough advice pieces.

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2. Brian Solis

Brian’s blog is part of the marketing niche, but he has strong social media ties and writes insightful articles on everything from musing pieces on generational issues to the best ways to win a customer for life.

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3. Social Media Influence

Aside from consulting and conferences, this blog offers the most up-to-date changes in the world of social media, and how you can use them to your advantage. When new versions of Twitter or Facebook are released, you can count on Social Media Influence for all the info!

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4. Danny Brown

Danny Brown is an experienced marketing expert, and his blog is all about the social side of marketing and PR. His articles are short but succinct, and his insights on the various social media outlets really get you thinking.

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5. Windmill Networking

Neal Schaffer’s blog consists of mostly advice and opinion pieces, which are often tied into current events or other news developments in the social media world. His take on topics is truly eye-opening.

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6. Michael Durwin

Another seasoned social media expert, Michael Durwin provides interesting content on the newest and most innovative social marketing strategies. He can change your mind about things you thought you were concrete on in one short article!

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7. Chris Brogan

Chris is a contributing columnist for Entrepreneur magazine and best-selling co-author. His acclaimed blog is anything and everything social media.

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8. OneForty

Twitter is OneForty’s area of expertise- but their blog covers every aspect of social media in how-to’s reviews, advice, and new pieces. This blog is a must-see for anyone with an internet connection.

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9. Social Media Informer

The Social Media Informer is a blog that does all the hard work for you: they compile all the best social media content on the web into a neat, information-packed daily newsletter. If you’re looking for a compact round-up of all the social media news, SMI is your blog!

10.  Media Badger

Media Badger’s digital media consulting clients include government entities, NGO’s, and nonprofits. Their social media blog is resourceful, intriguing, and current.

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11. Social Media Today

One of the cool things about Social Media Today is that they allow you to contribute your own blog posts, and integrate yourself in their community. In addition to the usual articles concerning social media, SMT often posts about issues concerning social media users.

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12. We Are Social

Based in the UK,  We Are Social’s blog takes the fundamentals of what makes us human and reflects it on all aspects of social media today. Their articles are original and often include helpful infographics.

See: Google’s Social Play: The Google+ Project

We hope you get as much enjoyment/information from these blogs as we have, don’t forget to let us know about any that we might have missed in the comment section below!




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    Irene Koehler

    What an honor it is to have Almost Savvy included on such an incredible list of social media blogs to follow. There are only a couple on the list I don’t know yet, but you can be sure I’m going to check them out right away.

    Thanks so much!

  2. 6

    Thank you so much for including Windmill Networking on your shortlist of social media blogs – I’m honored to be included among so many bloggers that I respect as well for their excellence!

  3. 7
    Nicole Schmidt

    Thank you for the great list! I have to find social media blogs for my class and this has guided me to blogs that have enhanced my knowledge and navigation skills tremendously.  The descriptions of each blog make clicking through easy.  Usually with lists of things like this you click through one hundred times before finding what youre looking for.  Here, it is made simple and descriptions are given which is a huge time saver!

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