FOLLOW FRIDAY: 14 Generation Y Blogs That Do NOT Mess Around

Generation Y blogs have a foundation in branding, marketing, social media or entrepreneurship- but they all go above and beyond simple business. Whether it’s travel, philosophy, change, love, or friendship, these bloggers have infused their passions with their experiences to create truly amazing sources of inspiration. They are successful, they are strong, and they are must-follows!

1. Ryan Stephens

Stephens is a huge advocate for relationship marketing, and he loves to incorporate sports and sports theory into a lot of his marketing advice. His blog is fun, interesting, and always ahead of the curve.

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2. David Spinks

Spinks, is the founder of none other than BlogDashDavid Spinks’ blog is full of his views and opinions on the current social media trends, as well as other business-related musings.

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3. Bradley Will

An accomplished entrepreneur, Bradley translates his experience into this great blog. He outlines everything from his personal experiences to how to to make the mistakes he made while starting out.

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4. Shane Mac

Shane Mac has an extensive list of accomplishments, from entrepreneur to musician to philanthropist. He has a unique grip on business in the 21st century and his posts have great messages for other young professionals.

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5. Matt Cheuvront

After co-founding a branding service in Nashville, Matt started this new media blog. It takes you along on his journey as a rebel against rules, norms, and the status quo. Take a look at Life Without Pants and see how much you can learn from Matt’s experiences!

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6. Jackie Adkins

For everything marketing, social media, and professionalism related, The Curbside Marketer is one of the best resources a young person can have. Jackie’s posts are refreshing and helpful.

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7. Matt Wilson: Under30CEO

One of the co-founders of Under30CEO, Matt Wilson is a huge player in the blogosphere. He loves to help people understand how to not only jump at opportunity, but to create it for themselves.

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8. Jenny Blake

For everything career-related, Jenny Blake’s blog can help. For those who are about to or have just graduated college and don’t know what to do, this blog may very well become your new best friend.

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9. Sydney Owen

Sydney’s blog includes articles on sticking with your life goals, skydiving, networking and more. She can teach you how to get your dream job from nothing and how to build a living from what you’re passionate about.

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10. Carlos Miceli

Owl Sparks, Carlos’ blog, puts a philosophical spin on marketing, branding, social media, love, and friendship. His short, thoughtful “sparks” inspire discussion and his followers are some of the most loyal in the blog world.

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11. Elisa Doucette

Ophelia’s Webb is a fantastic source of inspiration for young (especially female) professionals. Her posts are informative and empowering, relevant and actionable.

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12. Grace Boyle

Grace’s blog has a common thread of relationships and technology woven throughout. Her personality comes out in her posts: many of them relate back to her hobbies and interests, and yet they are still widely useful.

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13. David Stehle

Among all the technology, business and branding information on this site, David shares a lot of personal posts about love, relationships, and his dog. After reading only a few articles you will see why his readership is so huge!

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14. Samantha Karol

Samantha’s blog has a focus on journalism and thoughtfulness. Through her blog, Samantha teaches us how to live without fear, be thankful, and live a joyful life. Her posts are poignant and unfiltered.

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These are our favorite Gen-Y blogs but if you think we might have left any out, please let us know in the comment section below!  Have a great weekend.


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    Patrick Ambron

    I’ve been lucky to meet a number of these people in person (David, Ryan, Chevy, Bradley Will, Matt, Shane Mac) and I hope I end up meeting the rest of them. It’s interesting, because these are people I’ve connected with well over 1-2 years ago, yet even today, our blogger who made this list, pinpointed the same exact people. That says a lot about this group.

    While everyone has a different topic/voice, I think everyone on this list is linked in that they all are geniunely looking to grow as people and do something extraordinary with their lives. David, Matt and Shane have all started  their own companies and currently lead product and marketing for one of my favorite young startups run by one of the smartest founders I know. This isn’t a coincidence. They understand that the best way to get customers is to make real connections with people, which is easy if you focus on creating really good content or products.

    Everyone else on this list has also opted to take the road less traveled, whether it’s starting a marketing company and quitting your job, or leaving everything behind and traveling around the world after realizing you need to re-evaluate your own world view.

    In the last two years everyone on this list has drastically grown, changed and matured. I think the best part is that everyone on here was also willing at some point to admit they needed to do that. That’s what makes me excited to continue to follow the progress of everyone.

  2. 4
    Grace Boyle

    Thanks for including me and Small Hands, Big Ideas 🙂 Very honored especially to be amongst these awesome bloggers I love and respect. Woop!

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