Blogger or Tumblr: What Our Followers Are Saying

Those of you who have been following us on Twitter know that the last couple of days we’ve been talking about whether people like Blogger or Tumblr more as a quick and effective blogging platform.  Because of the response that we got, I wanted to feature some of the responses we received on our blog!  Please note, that we are in no way trying to say that one system is better or worse than the other- we just want to help our readers make informed decisions when they choose whether to use Blogger or Tumblr (or both!).

So, Blogger or Tumblr?


Last week we asked our Twitter followers which platform they preferred to use, Blogger or Tumblr?  Here are some of their responses and a little more about each tweet:

One of our followers, Gazalle, was the first to respond and told us that she liked Tumblr’s services.  I sent her an email and asked her to expand on this a little bit and this is what she had to say, “I think Tumblr is very simple to use and straightforward. I also think that its purpose is a little different than Blogger…I consider Tumblr a photo and video based blog more than a written type. I didn’t actually continue with my Blogger account because it was time consuming and confusing.”  She even provided us with an example of what her Tumblr looks like- check it out!  You provided some great insight Gazalle, thanks for your help.

In my opinion, Thomas did an extremely good job of summing it up- Tumblr is a fun way to blog!  He also makes a great point when he brings up WordPress, saying that it is a more professional way to blog.  I agree with this for a number of reasons: First- there are a ton of themes to choose from and you can customize your WordPress site to look almost anyway you want just by downloading a new theme and Secondly- if you are “web-savvy” you can completely customize your own theme to make it look exactly the way you want (that is, if you install WordPress onto your personal site instead of hosting it on  Thanks for your input Tom, and readers- let’s help Tom out by voting for him as the new face of!

Our friend Jake Kaskey brought up the extremely good point that Blogger and Tumblr are too different to compare.  He’s right, how can you say that blogger or tumblr is better if it’s like comparing apples and oranges?!  In response, we mentioned that we were just comparing the two on a level of “quick, simple, and effective ways to start blogging”.  Thanks for bringing this up Jake, we weren’t thinking this way but you brought some great insight to the conversations.

Last but not least we have our friend DoralyP who was more in favor of Blogger. She said that people actually BLOG on Blogger, where as Tumblr is more like a collection of “Random moving images and quotes of people’s emotions.” She brought up a good about Tumblr’s functionality as well saying that “You can’t even search for people who are blogging.” From her perspective, Tumblr is more of a running journal of thoughts and emotions that people are sharing where those who use Blogger are actually creating something of substance. Thanks so much for your thoughts DoralyP!

I can’t thank all of our followers enough for providing their thoughts on Blogger or Tumblr, I couldn’t have created this article without you!  Now that you’ve seen what some of our friends have to say about these platforms, what are your thoughts?  Please let us know how you feel in the comment section below.


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    Thomas Connery

    To add to my comments regarding Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress, I do agree that many people seem to use Tumblr as a micro-blog of sorts. For me, this means I don’t feel guilty about posting content that is short and sweet or favoriting or re-blogging posts that I like. I know when I was writing full articles in WordPress it became a hindrance mentally because I knew I should (but didn’t have to) deliver longer, richer articles which took away the fun of blogging a bit for me. DoralyP mentions on blogger people actually blog which is true but please note that full articles also exist in the Tumblr world too and Tumblr is built on utilizing tags heavily. It took me a bit of time to figure out how Tumblr best fit my needs and interests. WordPress and Blogger are built to be more content driven where Tumblr seems to be more share and delivery driven. You’ll most likely hit a wider audience quicker using Blogger and WordPress (from my experience) but that gets to be SEO related and I could be wrong.

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