Personal Brand Interview:Life Coach and Stratejoy Founder Molly Hoyne

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I discovered the fabulous Molly Hoyne through a friend of mine a several months ago.  My friend raved about this thing called Stratejoy and how this project called The Joy Equation changed her life.  When I found out my friend was going to be a blogger for Season 2 of Stratejoy, I started following Molly on Twitter, reading her blog, and subscribed to her newsletters.  I had to know what Stratejoy was, why people were praising Molly, and if the Joy Equation could help me battle my quarter-life crisis.  Right before Molly launched Round 2 of The Joy Equation, I contacted her for an interview.  Here’s a sampling of what we discussed:

Describe your personal brand in a few sentences.

I’m authentically joyful, yet not afraid to ask the hard questions.  I thrive on positivity, truthfulness, and deep connections.  I’m a life long learner, courageous adventurer, and fan of simplicity.

What kind of clients do you usually work with?

Amazing ones.   I work with women (and the occasional rockin’ guy) who are committed to finding and living lives that reflect their values, their personal version of success.  They tend to be ambitious and optimistic, but without a clear idea of how to move forward.  Many times they have situations (whether that be partners or jobs or families) that don’t support the person they want to be and need some help and tools to really “live life on their own terms”.

What gave you inspiration to create Stratejoy?

My own Quarterlife Crisis (QLC)!   When I was totally lost and struggling with wanting to “just start over, but how?” there weren’t a lot of resources out there that I connected with.  Most of the personal development coaches and books were aimed at older women with a huge woo woo slant and didn’t reflect the sass and experiences of the 20something crowd…

After my crazy backpack trip around the world and two entirely full Moleskines of ideas on how to bust the QLC, I came back to Seattle and set about creating Stratejoy.

In your opinion, what do you think triggers a quarter-life crisis?

I think our generation grew up with the promise we could be anything we wanted to be and if we worked hard enough, have it “all”.  It sounded incredibly exciting, right?  Follow a certain path of excellence (school, college, great job, marriage, promotion, kids, etc) and you will be a success.  Done and done.

Unfortunately, many of us feel disappointed, lost or disconnected when the real world kicks in because we had internalized those expectations, without learning how to set our own.  When the safety of school is over/glamour of our first job ends/serious relationship breaks up, we feel a sense of crisis because we definitely don’t have it “all”.   This is it?  This is life?

We’re not always equipped with the tools and ability for self-connection that is needed to rise above the feeling of being completely stuck in our (totally wrong) situation. And that can lead to panic and full on crisis!

Tell me about your quarter-life crisis.

It was dark and scary and I was totally lost.  Having done everything “right,” I found myself at 26 with an unfulfilling job, swimming in debt to my Ivy League education, and continually frustrated that I didn’t feel like “me” anymore.  I was drinking way too much wine.  I was bitching to the same people over and over.  I felt like I was spinning in circles, continually going downward…

I didn’t know how to conquer it, so I ran away.  I set out on a 10 month trip around the world (backpack & boyfriend in hand) determined to figure my life out.  Tall order, eh?

Several journals, mentors, meditations and adrenaline rushes later— I finally reconnected with my authenticity by being insanely honest with myself about what I really cared about, who I really wanted to serve, and how I really wanted to show up everyday.  It was messy and required some big changes/sacrifices, but my life felt like mine again.

Obviously, it’s an ongoing process!

How can someone conquer their quarter-life crisis?  What advice would you give them?

Be honest.  Be courageous.  Listen to your soul, your intuition, the wild urges and delicious giggles that spontaneously emerge.  I think half the battle is just owning what it is you truly desire, and realizing that not everyone in your world is going to agree with your choices or support your changes.

Who cares?  This is YOUR LIFE.  Make it count.  Make it yours.

Tell me about the Joy Equation.

The Joy Equation is a 30 day Guide to Living Life on Purpose.  It’s an online course that is made up of 30 days worth of journal prompts delivered via email, four audio 90 minute audio sessions, and a 40 page Joy Plan Workbook that you get in the mail!  I like to say it’s my “firstborn”… That’s how much I love and believe in it!

And yes, there is an actual Equation…

The course operates on this premise:  Connect with Yourself  +  Define Success + Cultivate Powerful Habits + Commit to Your Happiness  = Authentic Joy.

It’s inspiring, empowering and especially useful for those Quarterlife Crisisers because it gives you time and space to work through some big questions and a lot of the crap (comparison mania, ridiculously high expectations, limiting beliefs, lack of self care) that leads to a “crisis”.  I totally believe that each of us holds the answers, but sometimes we need someone to ask us the right questions!

I think the usefulness of the course really comes from gaining clarity about next steps, reigniting hope, and putting together an action plan to start the small steps towards change. And all of this occurs within a really supportive community.  Yay!

What kind of events, conferences or workshops do you hold?

Eek!  This is hard to answer! I love in-person events!

I regularly hold a Lifestyle Design workshop in Seattle (a month-long in-person version of the Joy Equation Course) and throw other fun events in town when I’m so inspired (we’ve done Life List Mixed Media Brunches, Creating a Theme Ceremonies, and other assorted goodies).  I’m branching out to teach workshops in San Francisco and Washington DC this summer.

And I speak about Authentic Joy wherever I’m invited and paid, which means mainly women’s conferences, networking events, and trainings.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?  How do you find passion in it?

Making a difference.  I know, I know, it sounds all cheesy, but I’m lucky to have front row seats to people’s lives.  To their ACTUAL LIVES!  Not just the self they project online or the one that always answers, “I’m fine”.   And when they figure out something new about themselves or their path, I just get ridiculously excited.   It’s easy to stay passionate about the work I do, because I’m so insanely curious about people.

If only that passion would extend to the parts of running a business that I hate…

Anything else you’d like to add?

Aren’t you sick of me yet?!  Here’s a fun little bio I float around when asked this question.

If this wasn’t already totally clear, I’m Molly. I live in Seattle. I love to travel and take baths and wear costumes and partake in naked adventures and have wicked smart conversations about the meaning of life/business/saving the world. I’m getting married in August even though I refuse to plan my wedding. I’m taking off in an RV for a year in September. Here’s my life list. Here’s a 7 minute video of my story. Here’s my business. That is all.

Katharine’s Final Thoughts…

Molly conquered her quarter-life crisis and used it as inspiration to create Stratejoy to help other women who are battling their quarter-life crisis.  She’s embarking on the world and doing wonderful and amazing things because she truly believes in making a difference and letting other young women know they are not alone in this quarter-life crisis stage.  Still not convinced Stratejoy is for you?  Email Molly.  Tweet Molly.  I promise if you spend just five minutes talking to her, you will fall in love with her (although, sorry guys and dolls, she’s already taken!).  She’s authentically joyful, authentically passionate and authentically fabulous.