How Involved is Your Personal Brand Online?

To build your personal brand, you should proactively participate in conversations and blogs related to your field. How involved are you?

To answer this, we developed a Hireability Dashboard that breaks down the components of your personal brand online and grades the strength of each. Last week, I talked about our tool that grades the credibility of your personal brand. Today, we’ll talk about niche involvement: are you building powerful networks by engaging with the top bloggers and Twitter users  in your field?


The Niche Involvement portion of the Hireability Dashboard is broken up into tabs: Your Blog Comments, Blog Comments Mentioning you, Recommended Blogs and Twitter.

The first tab, Your Blog Comments, tracks your blog comments. You’ll need to input your BackType username (create an account if you haven’t already) so we can pull all of your blog comments into the Dashboard for you. (You can enter this when you first sign up, or enter it later by clicking My Account in the top right navigation when you’re logged into Brand-Yourself). Your Niche Involvement score increases as you leave more blog comments.


The next tab, Blog Comments Mentioning You, tracks who is talking about you in their comments. Your Niche Involvement score increases as more blog commenters talk about you.

The next tab, Recommended Blogs, keeps track of blogs related to your field that you should be reading. These are also the blogs you should be commenting on to establish relationships with top bloggers and other readers passionate about your niche.

The Twitter tab monitors and analyzes your activity on Twitter: followers, updates, last update, recent tweets, recent mentions, and recent direct messages. Your niche involvement score rises as you Tweet more often and gain more followers.


The Next Step

Now it’s time to find out: How involved is your personal brand online? Create a free account now and start managing your reputation with our Hireability Dashboard. See you there, and let us know what you think here.