Delete LastPass Account Fast & Remove Your Personal Data

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If you decide to no longer use LastPass (maybe you’ve gone with a different management tool), then you should absolutely delete the account. According to this cyber security company, cleaning up unused accounts is a best cyber-security practice, especially an account that retains so much personal information.

In this guide we show you how to delete or reset a LastPass account as well as clean up other accounts that could be putting you at risk.

How to Delete LastPass Account

This process permanently and irreversibly deletes your LastPass account and data. This includes your sites, secure notes, and form fills. Once complete, you cannot recover any of this info. Learn more about this process and what information is retained in the LastPass Privacy Policy.

1. Go to and log into your account.

lastpass login
2. Click on your email address in the upper right hand corner.

lastpass select email
3. Select “Account Settings.”

lastpass select account settings
4. Scroll down to “Links.” Then click “My Account.”

lastpass click my account
5. Click on “Delete or Reset Account.”

lastpass delete or reset account
6. Select “Delete.”

lastpass delete account
7. Click “Yes”, assuming you remember your Master Password.

lastpass masterpassword
8. Export your data (if you prefer).

lastpass export your data
9. Enter password, complete the account deletion survey and click “Delete.”

lastpass deletion form
10. Confirm you wish to delete your LastPass account.

lastpass delete confirmation
11. Confirm again you wish to delete your LastPass account.

lastpass delete double confirmation
12. Account Deletion is complete.

lastpass reset verification

Again, this is an immediate and permanent deletion. Your account data has been deleted but for the sake of housekeeping, you also likely want to delete the LastPass browser extensions/applications that you’ve installed to your device(s).

Reset Your LastPass Account

If you plan to keep using LastPass but want to delete your information from their system, you can reset your account. This essentially allows you to start over with the same email address but a new master password. It wipes out everything from the account so only go this route if you want to remove your information.

1. Log in to your account on

lastpass homepage login
2. In the upper right hand corner, click on your email address.

lastpass click email
3. Click “Account Settings.”

lastpass select account settings 2
4. Go down to the “Links” section and click “My Account.”

lastpass click my account 2
5. Select “Delete or Reset Account.”

lastpass delete or reset account 2
6. Click “Reset” Account.

lastpass reset account
7. Assuming you remember your Master Password, click “Yes.”

lastpass master password 2
8. Export your LastPass data, if you prefer. Then enter your Master Password.

lastpass reset enter passwoerd
9. Click “Yes” to confirm account reset.

lastpass reset confirmation
10. Click “Yes” to confirm again you want to reset your account.

lastpass reset double confirmation
11. Your account has been reset.

lastpass reset verification

You can now log in again to begin using your LastPass account and input a new master password. All other information has been removed.

Reset / Delete LastPass Without Your Master Password

If you’ve forgotten your master password, it’s still possible to reset and/or delete your LastPass account as long as you have access to the primary email address. These steps assume you’ve already gotten to the step in the reset and deletion processes above that asks if you remember your master password and you selected “No” (after steps 1-6).

1. Enter the email address associated with your LastPass account.

lastpass forgot master password

2. Check your email for an account verification email. Click the confirmation link

lastpass deletion email
Follow the remaining steps to finish deleting / resetting your LastPass account.

Delete Old Accounts That Are Putting You at Risk

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