411.com opt out: Remove your personal info

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The website 411.com is a searchable database of information on individuals and businesses. You can perform a basic people search, reverse phone search, reverse address search and a standard business search. The site contains a lot of personal information on individuals, including addresses, phone numbers, relatives, DOB, and more. It’s very important to get your data removed in order to protect your privacy (whether you use our feature to remove the information automatically or you choose to manually opt out).

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How to remove a 411.com listing: Step-by-step instructions

411.com is actually owned and operated by another data broker site, Whitepages.com. If you wish to manually opt out your info, then you will need to go through that site’s removal process to get the information taken down. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Search for your name and location on 411.com

411.com search window
Step 2: Scroll through the results and find the record with your info

411.com search results
Step 3: Click into the record, then copy the URL to your clipboard

411.com information listing
Step 4: Go to the webpage https://www.whitepages.com/suppression_requests

Step 5: Paste the URL you previously copied into the opt out field & select “opt out”

opt out form

Step 6: Confirm the information you are attempting to remove

removal confirmation


Step 7: Select the reason for opting out from the dropdown menu

opt out reason

Step 8: Input your phone number to verify your identity

phonecall verification

Step 9: Answer the call on your phone and use the keypad to type in the unique verification code

verification code

This completes submitting the request. It typically takes between 24-48 hours for the request to be reviewed and the information to be taken down from the site.

411.com is a bit unique in that there are two types of listings, which require two slightly different opt out procedures. The steps outlined above will cover about 70 percent of records on their site. However, “premium” listings require a different procedure. These types of listings will appear at the top of the search results and will have a corresponding label.

In order to get one of these removed, continue to follow Steps 1-3. From here, go to this page to submit a support request: https://support.whitepages.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

second opt out form

Fill out all the information in the form, including copying and pasting the URL of the premium listing in the required field. Once the form is submitted, it can take around 7-9 days for them to review the request and fully process the removal.

Due to these variations, it can be time-consuming to go through the full process. It’s possible to have multiple listings, so make sure you remove all of them. Make sure to check back to ensure the information has successfully been removed. Also, continue to monitor 411.com and other sites, as it’s common for them to repopulate information down the road.

Remove your private info from data brokers fast
Our privacy tool opts you out of 50+ data brokers exposing your information online.