How Tim Burton’s Brand Personality Stands Out

Tim Burton is known for the weird, wacky and unusual. Some may say he’s a creative genius. Others think he’s nothing short of strange. But however you perceive Tim Burton, one thing is certain: He attracts attention and sets his personal brand apart with his unique personality.

His Loyal Band of Followers


With his crazy themes and unique vision, Tim Burton is one director who has actors coming back for more. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are just two examples of actors drawn to Burton’s personal brand and consistently participating in his projects. By achieving a steady group of people who take interest in his work and stand by his brand personality, Tim Burton has established himself as respectable, worth interacting with, and as someone who consistently produces quality work. This is something you should all strive to attain: promote your brand personality to show you’re not a cookie cutter of everyone else in your field and get supporters behind you. Should you manage to create strong connections with various people on any of the big social media networks, keep in communication with them and continue to prove yourself to your followers. Having a strong fan base can come in handy to keep your brand personality relevant and thriving.

Branch Out from the Norm; Don’t be Held Back


Tim Burton originally started working for Disney on several projects before feeling trapped, like his talent wasn’t being utilized for what he really wanted. He branched out on his own and started to do what he really loved, still with Disney’s support.  Eventually, Burton was accepted and respected by  actors and producers throughout the industry. Had he just settled for working with Disney and hadn’t really allowed his own brand personality to take off and speak for itself, the film world could be quite different today. Burton never let anyone control what he did with his work, saying about one film, “People told me I couldn’t kill [Jack] Nicholson, so I cast him in two roles and killed him off twice.”Your personal brand should take example from Tim Burton’s path. If you have distinct ideas that will set you apart and put you at the head of the pact, let those aspects of your personality shine through. Write a blog to showcase these various thoughts and ideas so others can comment and potentially get behind your personal brand, tweet out some thoughts you have during the day, or write a Facebook note. Don’t allow your voice to be muffled because you’re afraid to be different; being different is a good thing!

Promote Your Personal Brand Creatively


Though Tim Burton is mainly a director and his best-known works will always be the various films he’s worked on, not long ago the Museum of Modern Art displayed their Tim Burton exhibition. Not only did this produce more news and buzz around Tim himself, but it also brought a lot more traffic to the museum itself. Another bold step Burton took in the marketing world was with his latest release, Alice in Wonderland, with the DVD release coming only three months after the film hit theatres. The marketing moves created buzz around his brand—though not all positive—and helped develop his brand personality beyond the realm of strictly film.

The most important facet to keep in mind when developing your personal brand is to get yourself out there positively. Networking and making connections is key to the success of your brand personality. Get out there in whatever way you can, whether it be Twitter or Facebook. Constantly promote your brand in different ways using multiple social platforms to bolster your progress.

Be daring, be different. Though you maybe should scale back some of Tim Burton’s craziness, don’t be afraid to really put your brand personality on the line and let your individuality speak for itself. It paid off for Tim, and it can certainly pay off for you.