Harry Potter and the Quest for Brand Personality

Everyone works carefully to develop their brand personality, especially celebrities. But when developing your qualities and specialties, ensure that you’re not backing yourself into a corner where you can’t branch out and refine other skills and areas of interest.

Take the cast of Harry Potter, for example. Each member has been with the film franchise from the beginning, and many thought Daniel Radcliffe and the gang would never be able to break free from being seen as part of Harry Potter. Yet these stars have figured out how, without having to pull out their magic wands.

The Seventh Year Won’t be the End of your Brand

Though Harry Potter was brought to a close after seven books, you should think of your brand personality as an ongoing process that will continue inevitably. No dark wizard is planning a vengeful path of destruction for your personal brand, so you should plan ahead and think long-term. It’s important to show growth and development, or that you are at least capable of growing in the field you are currently working. Daniel Radcliffe, best known as Harry Potter, knew he had to develop his brand personality in such a way that he could find work after the movie franchise had reached its close. He made some bold moves by appearing in Broadway’s Equus, acting in the nude and throwing the previous image of being a young innocent wizard out the window. He drew attention to himself, shocked his fans, and showed that he could be more than Harry Potter. He extended his acting life by branching out and taking some risks, something you should definitely keep in mind.

Work Some Magic on Yourself

Take some time and think of your passions. What would you potentially like to do in the future? What new dimensions can you bring to the job you already have? It’s easy to get comfortable in a position you’ve had for a while and simply maintain your personal brand, but with this unstable economy, playing it safe isn’t so safe after all. You need to expand your role and stand out from the rest of your co-workers. Lead instead of follow and bring something new to the table, or use what you’re doing now as a base for a future venture. Tom Felton, who plays young wizard Draco Malfoy, has used his career in Harry Potter to draw attention to his music career. Though it’s still difficult to separate the Malfoy image from the Tom Felton image, people are starting to see him as a legitimate musician. It will take some time and persistence, but the revamping of his personal brand will pay off when Harry Potter is over for good; he’ll always be seen partly as the bleached haired villain, but with lots of determination and promotion, perhaps he’ll be viewed as a musician first. Without his strong starting point though, who knows if Tom would survive in the music biz.

Better than a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter…

Though you’re just a mere Muggle, you shouldn’t let that stop you from taking your career where you want it to go and doing what you’re truly passionate about. Using the big social media networks—which are far better than any magic spell—you have the ability to constantly expand and alter your brand personality with the help of your supporters. Don’t settle when you have the opportunity to really do whatever you want. Put your social media profiles to work and put in the effort to promote your brand personality. You have the power to overcome the dark wizard that is holding you back. You can be Harry Potter: the new, improved Muggle version.