SEO in 4 Easy Steps

If you’re building a website or web-based company, SEO needs to be on your to do list. Search Engine Optimization not only allows your website to be noticed by Google, but good SEO makes your website relevant to someone searching for something. If you’re wondering about the best SEO practices in 2022, read this article.

We also have here 5 tips you can take with you to enhance your chances of being deemed ‘relevant’ and as a result bring more traffic to your site, Click here for more information.

  1. Avoid too many embedded images that contain text
    Embedding text into an image-based layout is not suggested because popular search engines can’t crawl through images (yet). Make sure that all of your text is dynamic, and if you do you a bunch of images, utilize the <alt> tag.
  2. Publish content often
    There are millions of sites out there flushing out tons of content every day. Don’t let them wash your site out! If you aren’t publishing content on a regular basis, you are susceptible to being buried under their results. Furthermore, make sure your posts contain keywords, and key search phrases (e.g. how to marinade chicken, how to change breaks on car, etc.).
  3. Link out to other sites
    Give some linking love! Other sites will notice if you are giving them a lot of traffic, and in more cases than not, they will link you back.
  4. Use an analyitics service to measure your growth
    We recommend Google analytics. If you don’t have a tool to measure the traffic sources, and growth of your site, consider yourself blind. You need to know if what you’re doing is driving traffic to your site.If you have any questions about SEO, or would like to have an audit of your website’s SEO state, don’t hesitate to contact us at Webconnection!