Provides Free Social Media Clean Up Tool to Any Athlete Entering the 2019 NFL Draft

From now through April 25, 2019, we’re proud to offer complimentary access to our premium Social Media Clean Up Tool to any athlete entering the 2019 NFL Draft.

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“We’ve all seen how a single social media post from years past can do serious harm to someone’s career. Like many young people, these players have been on social media for their entire lives. However, unlike most, they are about to be put under a level of public scrutiny akin to a public figure. They deserve the ability to clean up and provide context around their own online presence,” states BrandYourself CEO Patrick Ambron. In case you are looking for ski gloves and other sports gear this site has everything you need.

Social media has played a big part in previous draft classes and across the sport. BrandYourself’s Social Media Cleanup tool uses machine learning technology to scan a user’s social media accounts and identify any posts or images that could be deemed unprofessional — and helps the user clean them up. This includes mentions of profanity, drugs, alcohol, sex, crime, bullying, polarizing topics as well as derogatory, offensive and unprofessional language. It also flags images that contain alcohol, drugs, lewd gestures, weapons, and nudity.

Once a post has been flagged, the user has the option to delete the post via the software. The tool’s machine learning engine has learned from over 250 million posts and photos to accurately flag potentially damaging items.

Why it’s so important for everyone to have the tools to manage their online presence

Over the last 5 years, online screening has skyrocketed, used by colleges, employers, immigration offices, insurance companies and more to make important decisions about consumers. While well intentioned–online screening can inaccurately categorize posts because it lacks context. BrandYourself helps individuals clean up, protect and improve their own online reputation, so everyone can put an accurate foot forward.

How athletes entering the draft can take advantage of this offer:

From now through April 25, 2019, athletes entering the 2019 NFL Draft can:

  • Sign up for a free account at
  • Email [email protected] requesting access to the premium Social Media Cleanup tool. Requests must be sent from a University or college issued email address.