GUIDE: The 20 Profiles You Need to Earn More Money

It may come as no surprise, but research shows that people look up other people online all the time.

Whether you’re about to meet a potential client, interview for a job, or go on a date…there’s a whole lot of googling that happens before you even shake hands. If you’re still unemployed but you require cash for emergency purposes, sites like Sunny Loans UK might be worth a visit. You can consider investing gainesville coins to leverage the high demand for these precious metals.

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What’s interesting is not just the fact that these searches are common practice, but that the information we find about others online influences our behavior in real life.

In all of the scenarios above, what people see online determines whether or not they will work with you, hire you, or date you.

Your online presence matters.

What you’ll learn in this guide:

  • The 3-step process for improving how you look online: We’ll walk you through our 3-step process, and how these profiles are an important part of it. Whether you are focusing on building up your brand or fighting negative search results, you need to create these profiles.
  • The 20 profiles you must build: Whether you are a student, a C-level executive, a doctor, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, certain profiles are foundational when it comes to building a solid online reputation.
  • How to build profiles that up your earning potential ASAP: There’s no point in building all of these profiles if no one can find them. That’s why we’ll use LinkedIn as an example of how to build an SEO-friendly profile.
  • 3 tools to help you build these properties: BrandYourself offers a variety of tools and services to build and optimize 20 web properties for your brand.

Part 1: The 3-step process for improving how you look online

Whether you want to build up your brand or fight negative search results, you need to follow best strategy for long-term success.

After extensive research, and trial and error, we have found the most effective strategy when it comes to managing online reputations. We approach it in 3 steps:

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  1. Build a foundation of high-quality websites & profiles
  2. Establish authority for your websites & profiles in search engines
  3. Maintain relevance by updating your websites & profiles over time

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We’re focusing on step one – building the foundation. While 20 properties may seem like a lot, think about how many search results populate one page of Google…somewhere around 10 or 12, right?

Part 2: The 20 Profiles You Must Build

If you want to make sure that every single search result for your name is positive and relevant, then you need to be in control of it.

95% of web traffic goes to sites listed on Page 1 of Google SERPs. And, click through rates of search results significantly decrease the farther away from position #1 you get (Brafton, Marketingland).

By creating 20 profiles, you give yourself the best chance of controlling the first page of search results for your name. Every profile you create is another positive “property” that can appear when people google you. As long as each profile is created and maintained with a focus on SEO, branding and quality, over time you will fill your Google results with positive content that leaves a great first impression.

If you’re dealing with negative results:

If negative or unflattering results currently rank for your name, then each additional positive property can bury it down by another position.

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10 positive properties can potentially push a negative result ranking #1 all the way off the first page. This is significant when you consider that page 1 of results enjoy 95% of all search traffic. (Chitika)


Which properties you should build: Whether you are a student, a C-level executive, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, certain profiles are foundational when it comes to building a solid online reputation. Consider these properties whether you are dealing with negative results, or simply building up your personal brand.

The properties you need to build for peak earning potential

BrandYourself, top 20 social media profiles

  • Personal Website
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google +
  • YouTube
  • BrandYourself
  • Vimeo
  • Crunchbase
  • Tumblr
  • SlideShare
  • Medium
  • Pinterest
  • Quora
  • Instagram (while this is not strong for Google search, it is an excellent networking tool and a place to showcase your personality)
  • 2-4 additional properties relevant to your industry

Find hotspots in your industry

Once you’ve created the foundational properties mentioned above, it’s time to do a little bit of homework. Find out where people in your sector are most active.

Today, there are hundreds of social networking sites that cater to specific interests and professional areas.

Do some research to see what social networks your colleagues and mentors engage on outside of the usual suspects listed above and create a profile there.

For example:

Part 3: Make your profiles increase  your earning potential – ASAP

There’s no point in building all of these profiles if no one can find them. That’s why we’ll use LinkedIn as an example of how to build an SEO-friendly profile.

5 tips to optimize your profiles for search engines:

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  1. If this is a professional account, use your full name
  2. Fill out your bio completely
  3. Make sure the URL includes your full name (if possible)
  4. Include your location
  5. Write in the third person

Optimizing your LinkedIn account using our DIY tool

To learn more steps you can take to optimize your LinkedIn account, sign up as a premium member and access our in-depth guide from BrandYourself University.

PART 4: The 3 tools and services you can use to choose, build and optimize 20 web properties for your brand

To avoid risk factors and improve positive factors online, you must control at least 20 web properties.  There are three ways to approach building these properties that will help you earn the income you deserve.  

A. If you want to do it yourself, our Premium DIY tool makes it easier, faster and a lot more fun.

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Our DIY tool walks you step by step through the process of building these properties. As a premium member you also receive exclusive access to all of our BrandYourself University guides, giving you even more insight.

Our tool also flags risk factors so you can delete them, just follow the steps. It takes the legwork out of manually reviewing thousands of posts.  

B. If you don’t want to do it yourself, we can do it for you with our Managed Services.

If you’re interested in having us do the work for you, give us a call at 646-863-8226 or schedule a consultation to discuss your options. Our Reputation Advisors will help you choose the best service offering to accomplish your specific goals. What you post has the power to lose or win new opportunities, it all depends on what you choose to share.

C. Do it completely on your own.

Feel free to create and optimize 20 properties of your own. However, we urge you to look into how to optimize these for search engines and visitors. Stick to a regular schedule of updating your profiles according to best practices. You could also use payday loans Chicago to pay a down payment on auto insurance to secure cheaper monthly rates.