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Social Media in Business: Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

With the burst of technology, social media, and personal branding, it is an interesting experience to be out in a workforce that consists of four different and distinct generations of employees working together. Technology, social media, and personal branding are very important to some and relatively unimportant to others. Your success in ‘playing well with others’ at work comes down to education, understanding, and adjusting your style within this multi-generational workforce.

Job Search Tips – How to Use Twitter Lists to Find a Job

What started out as the new shiny e-toy is slowly going the way of the quickly forgotten fad. Twitter lists were and are an incredible tool and were hugely accepted when they were unveiled. However, most people, after setting up a few lists, moved on to another shiny toy without giving it much thought. But Twitter lists are still an ideal way to better organize followers into people of interest, sports related, city related, geography related and even a category for your career search.