How To Use YouTube to Build a Following for Your Business

Youtube for BusinessYouTube is often seen as the video site full of strange and wacky characters, up and coming musicians, comedy acts and just about anything that can be caught on film. But all the goofiness and oddness aside, YouTube can be quite helpful in your business endeavors and bring more depth to you and your employees. If you have some interest in finding out a Youtuber’s Net Worth, that’s entirely possible online now with just a click of a button.

From the Top


When first creating your business’s channel on YouTube, you have to plan out how you want to appear to people who already follow you on Twitter and Facebook, as well as how to attract new followers. Make sure your custom URL makes sense for your business, if you are unable to use your business’s name. The first videos uploaded should really help explain what your business is all about and establish your channel as credible and helpful.

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Upload presentations you’ve given in the past to help create a sense of mastery and authority. Perhaps have a slide show presentation that gives the details in a quick and easy read of what your business does. You need to give the viewers a background of who you really are. To entice your viewers to greater heights, feel free to use technology, such as voice generator.

With a solid basis, you can then start trying to show more sides of your outreach and employees by creating videos with tips or interviews with business leaders, etc. But remember, don’t only focus on your own account. Try to get involved and noticed in the community by commenting on others’ videos as well, even if their channel is mere uploads of different music videos. You want to try to expand your reach.

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It’s All About You!


The YouTube channel should really be focused on the customers if you want to attract a large following. More than just being about the customers, it can’t all be business. In case you haven’t noticed, most videos that get video counts into the thousands are really funny. You need to bring it. Your YouTube channel should really be an attraction, leading users to your Twitter and other online social media resources. By creating a sort of customer service video, any customers can get the support they need easily without bombarding you with questions nonstop. Maybe even try your hand at humor, like Zappos, and post the occasional non-business related video that’s just meant for some laughs. You’ll come off as more personable and interesting, which will likely lead to more people paying attention to your business.

Don’t be Forgotten


If you’re going to make a YouTube channel, make it worth your while. Don’t post one video and then forget it exists. Every so often, update the channel, even if the video is just a 2 minute recap of what’s been going on with your business lately. Your followers will be excited to see an update—even if they’ve been following you on Twitter and see updates daily, the video adds a personal touch and makes them feel more connected with an actual person. Although YouTube isn’t for everyone, give it a shot if you feel your business isn’t getting all the attention it deserves. Buy fast Youtube likes and see the importance of like count. Posting a few videos here and there could really give your business a personal touch and generate a new following. With just a little effort, your employees could even be YouTube stars—and not many businesses have a title like that under their belts!