The Last Exorcism…Hopefully.

Hollywood just can’t come up with anything original these days, it seems. As if exorcism movies are even any good. Seriously, I’m not going to spend ten dollars watching some girl do freaky things with her body because she’s supposedly possessed, while her dad sports a shotgun to “save her soul.”

Don’t be like a worn-out horror movie. Why let your business’s brand be just another generic name? Stand out with an original business brand strategy!

Social media strategy

Being the Same is a Snore and a Half


No one wants to keep seeing the exact same movie with different actors, so why would they want to see the same tweets and Facebook updates from different businesses? In order to have a good presence on social media, you need original content. While it is important to report what’s going on with your business and update your followers on what to expect in the future, to get a large, widespread following, you need to up the ante.

Coming out with original and unique blog content is one way of doing so. By tweeting out links to the posts and sharing them on Facebook, a more diverse range of people can start keeping tabs on what your business is about. In turn, they might start tweeting and sharing your articles, and thus give you a bigger following. See? Coming up with your own stuff is great!

Put Hollywood to Shame


Let’s be honest: I’ve seen YouTube videos better than some of the “critically-acclaimed” movies hitting the box office lately. Really, have you seen A Very Potter Musical? Genius! Clearly, YouTube is a highly valuable way to get your business’s name out there. People on the Internet are generally willing to watch just about anything when they’re bored (how else would movies like ‘The Last Exorcism’ or ‘Piranha 3D’ be made?). If you can pick suitable names for your uploads and create a fairly entertaining channel, you could get viewers galore.

Keep in mind, not everything needs to be professional quality or funny. You can post updates about your business to give a friendly, personable touch. With regular updates, you can keep people excited about what you’re up to while having some fun in the work day.

Follow Your Vision


When you started your business, you surely had a vision of where you wanted it to go, how you wanted it to be. Don’t lose sight of that in a quest to be different and new with your business strategy. Just expand upon the goals and dreams that you once had and keep your business true to the form you always wanted it to be. I have also been looking at other options for our business dashboard software as ours was a little old and dated, so I upgraded to this business dashboard software and it’s just so much better it’s ridiculous so have a look into that if you’re in a similar situation.

At the end of the day, if you’re happy with your business and where it’s going, that’s all that truly matters. Don’t become like one of the Hollywood sell-outs–just in the business to make as much money as possible. Stay true to what you love, stay true to how you envisioned it from the start, and maybe you’ll get the coveted 5 stars in your review.