7 Tips for How and Why to Use Quora

OK, I am officially overwhelmed.  I just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out Quora.  How is it different than Questions on LinkedIn?  Why do I need to play on Quora?  It’s just not making sense.  Maybe I need to spend more than 15 minutes exploring, but who has the time?

quora loga

As is the case with many of the new social media/networking tools, there is learning curve.  I’ve heard that when learning a foreign language, the first one is the toughest and then it is supposed to be easier to learn the second, third, etc. Find out how to learn Serbian with the amazing Ling App. I’m still trying to master English myself!  But perhaps that’s the problem.  Do I really need to master each or just dabble?

What I love to do is to find resources that will make help me understand the “whys” and “hows”.  Reading posts by reputable/credible sources is important.  I’ve compiled a list of resources that are helping me better understand how and why to dabble in Quora. See if any of these help you.

Take Aways

  1. Build a profile
  2. Link with other people interested in your topic
  3. Monitor your brand
  4. Generate leads by reviewing questions
  5. Share your expertise
  6. Don’t self promote
  7. It is social sharing of information in a different forum (but does link to Twitter and Facebook)


Of course, we are always interested in what Chris Brogan thinks, so here is his post:  How Quora COULD get interesting

Mashable is always a super resource for anything new in the world of technology and social.  This is a VIDEO   HOW TO:  Ask and Answer Questions on Quora

From Social Media Today, How Can Quora Fit Into Your Social Media Marketing Toolbox

  • Brand monitoring
  • Sharing expertise
  • Responding to customers (should we call this lead generation too!)

ReadWriteWeb‘s post How Small Businesses Can Use Quora covers why you would use it, including:

  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Solving specific problems

HubSpot‘s post A Marketer’s Guide to Quora provides a general overview of the site.

Inc‘s article 10 Tips for Using Quora to Build Your Business pulls together the 10 reasons to use Quora as sited by real business owners.  It includes tips like:

  • Opens lines of communication with others
  • Sharpens your communication skills
  • Don’t self promote

I guess that building expertise, credibility, and awareness all fall into play when using Quora.  It is a resource for finding real answers as well.  We’ll just have to see where it goes.

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