Jason Grill, Media Expert on Personal Branding

Jason GrillJason Grill has a background in law, government, politics, public affairs, public relations, media relations, entrepreneurship, media, radio, TV and writing. He is the owner of JGrill Media, a public relations and communications firm based out of Kansas City. Jason is continually promoting himself and his endeavors. We decided to ask him a few questions to get a better sense of certain avenues people can take to push their own personal brand in such a fast pace online marketplace.

Q1. Can you describe your personal brand?

I put it into compartments. With JGrill Media its my own media work with contributing and commentary via radio, tv, and writing and on the other side its consulting work with media relations, public affairs and government relations. For media tools and more look for reviewed products such as the best reviewed samsung outdoor tv for as a business tool.

Q2. As owner of JGrill Media & Consulting, what advice would you have for people trying to push their personal brand?

Develop yourself as a thought leader and expert in whatever industry you’re a member of or work in. Continue to post valuable content and engage with your clients, customers and target demographic as much as possible. It is very important to develop long lasting relationships and partnerships. You never know who might be able to help you down the road. I am constantly in touch with people and I like for others to be in contact with me. Do not ignore your style and the way you look. Your hair, bag and shoes can create important first impression. Find a style guide, for example, like ShoeAdviser.

Q3. It obviously helps that you receive quite a bit of television exposure. What are some other places people can promote themselves and gain their own exposure?

You have to be willing to do things to help others and do it for free sometimes. Content is king. The more you have about yourself or your company, the better off you’ll be. Obviously the content has to be noteworthy and positive in nature, otherwise you could hurt your personal brand.

Earned media via typical forms of media and new digital media online opportunities are both important in gaining exposure for yourself. I am fortunate to be connected in the Kansas City area as a political analyst, but I have also sought out key online blogging platforms such as the Huffington Post to write about timely matters.

The best part about the web is that it is there for everyone, and for the most part there are limited barriers to entry. There are so many great places to develop your voice and to be heard. Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger are three blogging websites that people should consider if they’d like to write and develop their personal brand.

Q4. As a past politician, do you see social media becoming more useful for political campaigns?

Without a doubt. Politics is very slow to adapt to technology changes in society. Candidates spend money on tv, radio and direct mailings. However, I think with the success of more campaigns, politicians and parties using digital media and social media to connect with voters and constituents will start to see a shift to more social media being included in campaigns. As the millennial population gets older, so too will the importance of social media. Social media is hard to ignore and it continues to grow, so we are all growing with it.

About the Author:

Jason Grill is from Kansas City, Missouri. He is a former two-term member of the Missouri House of Representatives. Jason earned a JD and Advanced Certificate in Dispute Resolution from the University of Missouri. He earned a BS in Business Administration, Summa Cum Laude, majoring in economics and minoring in political science from Saint Louis University.