Google Does It All to Expand Its Brand

Google has been all over the news lately, and not for search engine problems. No, Google has been making headlines for its new research and development, which are vastly different from the traditional Internet searching Google is known for.

Expanding Markets

Recently, Google and Good Energies decided to invest in a $5 billion project to create a 350-mile underwater “backbone” for offshore wind farms that will ultimately change the electrical map. If this project is successful, the Atlantic will be the first operating offshore wind collection project in the United States. Google has proved to be involved in clean energies previously as well, creating Google Energy which can buy and sell energy just earlier this year.

Google has also been developing Google cars that have proved able to drive themselves in traffic very smoothly. In California, the cars have been seen driving around using artificial intelligence software sensing objects near the car and reacting as a human would–though generally with better reflexes. The only accident was when a separate person rear-ended one of the Google cars, proving the advancements of their technology and how Google might help change the future even more.

Anything is Possible

Google hasn’t defined their company with one specific brand and by only sticking to the confines of Internet searches and other computer information technologies. They’ve been delving into many areas, recently announcing the wind farms and car operations. By branching out into these new fields, Google expands its brand and proves itself to be a vital entity  in a wide array of areas. Beyond investing in all these new projects, and likely even more projects in the future, Google already utilizes many information areas with their pictures, maps, news, videos, and more. Google literally hits on essentially all potential search categories you can think of.

The Way of the Future

While your own business brand likely won’t have the means to shell out millions of dollars to wind farms or be able to develop cars that drive themselves, it is important to keep in mind the efforts Google gets behind. There are hardly any limitations to what the company is willing to get behind and contribute to. Try to keep your brand open for expansion so in the future it’ll be easier to get involved in projects that might not normally pertain to your business’s area of expertise. Promote not only your business through social media, but make sure any important side projects you’re involved in get a voice as well. Going outside of your comfort zone and getting invoved in unexpected projects can do wonders for making your brand more relatable, even more newsworthy and creating a bigger, more diverse following. Following their example will certainly boost your band. Don’t believe me? Google it.