Build Your Personal Branding Blog. It’s Recession Proof!

Technorati recently published the 2009 State of the Blogosphere Report and man was it a year for blogging.

“Since 2004, our annual study has followed the growth and trends in the blogosphere. For 2009, we took a deeper dive into the entire blogosphere, with a focus on professional bloggers. This year’s topics include: professional blogging activities, brands in the blogosphere, monetization, twitter & micro-blogging and bloggers’ impact on US and World events.”

Blogging Revolution

The State of the Blogosphere highlights the effect that blogging has had on subjects ranging from revolutions and elections to personal brand building. The report makes it abundantly clear that during a time when just about everything in the world seems to be changing, blogging continues to thrive  and appears to be more than recession proof.

The report gives undeniable proof that the influence bloggers have on business, politics and communities is growing rapidly but some of the most telling information in the report is the responses bloggers gave when Technorati surveyed them directly.

The results of the survey show that blogs are helping more and more people build their own personal brand while simultaneously boosting the brand of the business’s they work for. Over 70% of bloggers surveyed said they have much greater visibility in their industry because of their blog.

As for the companies they work for: 63%  said they converted prospects into purchasers through their blog, and 56% said their blog brought  their company recognition as a thought leader in the industry.

Long story short: blogging is here to stay and IT PAYS TO BLOG. We’re obviously not just talking monetarily here because the largest value add is clearly the brand-building potential blogging holds, both on a personal and a corporate level.  We all know that money does talk pretty loud however, so be sure to check out the section of the report on “Monetization and Revenue Generation.” to get a better idea of some ways people and companies are managing to bring  in cash by blogging.

Evan Watson is an independent writer and the Chief Evangelist at At Evan Watson combines his passion for writing, entrepreneurship, and making meaningful connections with new people.

Evan Watson is also a self-proclaimed adrenaline junky and enjoys kite-boarding, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. For Evan, family comes before anything else, and he attributes his success and growth almost entirely to being raised in an extremely eclectic, multi-cultural family.