How to Write Your Welcome Tagline

People who concisely and confidently introduce themselves leave a better first impression. Here are a few examples of ways you can effectively introduce yourself in one or two sentences on your profile.

1. If you’re a freelancer or self-employed:

Introduce yourself and briefly describe what you do.

Example: “Hi, I’m Pete Kistler. I help people discover their ideal career path.”

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2. If you’re looking for a job or a new opportunity:

Introduce yourself and briefly describe the opportunity you’re seeking.

Example: “I’m Pete Kistler, and I’m seeking an online marketing position in Boston.”

3. If you want to associate yourself with your current position:

Introduce yourself, your job title and your employer.

Example: “I’m Pete Kistler, Head of Product at BrandYourself. Welcome to my site!”

Important: Always include your full name in your welcome message.

When search engines see the words “Pete Kistler” repeated a few times prominently on your Welcome page, it lets them know this page is all about you and should rank high for your name. That’s why it’s important to say your name instead of just saying “I” or “me” in your Welcome message.